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Best Crypto Exchange in Sweden • Benzinga Crypto

Best Crypto Exchange in Sweden • Benzinga Crypto
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Entering the crypto space can be a challenging experience, and navigating through the different exchanges can be overwhelming and confusing for new traders. Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets, which makes investing in digital currencies very risky.

When finding an exchange in Sweden, it is important to consider what suits your activity best. Swedish stock exchanges may have very different features depending on your trading requirements.

Here is a look at the most important stock exchanges currently available in Sweden.

1. Best for Beginners: Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is a great place for users to start buying and storing crypto. Coinbase offers additional services such as the Coinbase Wallet app as well as Coinbase Pro. Coinbase Pro allows for a more extensive trading platform with live order history as well as trading history. For anyone interested in buying cryptocurrency quickly and easily, Coinbase is a great option.

2. Best for Social Trading: eToro

eToro is a great trading platform for individuals who are looking to get started in cryptocurrency trading socially. The social trading platform offered by eToro is simple and smooth, and provides a great user experience. Traders can see other traders’ trades, which adds a whole new aspect to trading. This feature enables traders to repeat the actions of other traders in real time, which is called copy trading. For anyone interested in buying cryptocurrency as well as viewing other traders’ deals, eToro is a great choice.

3. Best for leverage trading: FTX

FTX is a trading platform designed by traders with the aim of providing a powerful trading platform.

FTX is a cryptocurrency exchange specializing in derivatives, indices, futures and leveraged tokens that can be traded on margin. This allows traders to use their assets as collateral in order to take advantage of different positions. For users looking to trade on margin, FTX is a good option. Always do your research before executing a trade on margin.

4. Best for Crypto Rewards: is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell and trade digital assets. There are also a few credit cards offered by with varying rewards, ranging from 1% to 8% APR. The credit card has an unstable payment schedule as well as no monthly late fees or deadlines. For users who want to earn crypto rewards on cash purchases, a credit card might be a good option.

Types of cryptocurrency exchange


A cryptocurrency broker is a company or individual that acts as an intermediary for market purchases. The broker allows customers to buy and sell at a set price. The broker usually charges a premium for using the platform.


On the other hand, cryptocurrency exchanges provide an online platform for individuals to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies themselves. The exchanges act as an intermediary and charge a fee for trading, allowing users to execute trades at the desired market price.


Minimum account

0 dollars

1 minute review

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms on the internet. From Bitcoin to Litecoin or Basic Attention Token to Chainlink, Coinbase makes it incredibly easy to buy and sell major cryptocurrency pairs.

You can even earn cryptocurrency rewards with Coinbase’s unique Coinbase Earn feature. More advanced traders will love the Coinbase Pro platform, which offers more order types and improved functionality.

Although Coinbase does not offer the most affordable rates or the lowest fees, its simple platform is easy enough for complete beginners to master in just one transaction.

best for
  • New Cryptocurrency Traders
  • Cryptocurrency traders are interested in major pairs
  • Cryptocurrency traders are interested in a simple platform
  • Simple platform easy to operate
  • The comprehensive mobile application reflects desktop functionality
  • The Coinbase Earn feature rewards you with cryptocurrency for finding available coins
  • Higher fees than competitors


Minimum account

$50 for the US and Australia; $200 everywhere else

1 minute review

Headquartered in Cyprus, England and Israel, eToro has been offering forex products and other CFD derivatives to retail clients since 2007. One of the main eToro plus social trading operations, including OpenBook, allows new clients to copy the trading of the best performance for the platform. Its social trading features are top notch, but eToro is losing points for its lack of tradable currency pairs, disappointing research, and customer service features.

best for
  • Cryptocurrency traders in the United States
  • Social Traders and Transcripts
  • Simple user interface
  • Community participation and follow other traders
  • 25 cryptocurrency
  • Wide network of social trading features
  • Large customer base for new traders to imitate
  • US Traders Can Only Buy Cryptocurrencies



Minimum account

10.00 US dollars

1 minute review

Voyager is a leading name in the cryptocurrency investing space, giving you access to over 50 coins and coins. Buy, sell and exchange assets with Voyager Crypto’s simple mobile platform available as a free download for iOS and Android users.

When you invest through Voyager, you pay nothing in commissions, which is a huge benefit compared to other cryptocurrency brokers. Voyager is also one of the only brokers we’ve seen that allow users to earn interest on their crypto investment.

Although the broker can do more to improve customer service, it is an excellent choice for novice and seasoned investors alike.

best for
  • Cryptocurrency investors are looking for a wide range of supported projects.
  • Investors who prefer mobile trading.
  • Anyone interested in reaping interest on their crypto investment.
  • Simple, direct and intuitive mobile platform
  • A wealth of investment opportunities
  • It allows users to get interest on specific crypto investments
  • Only available for mobile users – no desktop platform
  • Limited ways to contact the customer service team

Current crypto prices

As the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry continues to evolve, the price movement of cryptocurrency continues to reverse. Taking a step back, the cryptocurrency market as a whole appears to be holding support. If traders continue to maintain this level, we can expect the bullish trend to continue. If price action drops further, we may start to see a shift in market sentiment.

What to look for in a cryptocurrency exchange


When dealing with cryptocurrencies, security is one of the most important aspects to consider. When using an exchange, traders want to feel as if they can trust that their money is safe. A secure exchange should have control systems that detect and block suspicious transactions. It is also highly recommended to consider two-factor authentication systems for added security.

conversion rate

Most cryptocurrency exchanges charge a small percentage as a fee for each buy and sell order. Exchange rates vary greatly depending on the exchange the trader is using. It is always a good idea to do your research on all the different exchange rates before executing trades.

Code of coding in Sweden

In Sweden, cryptocurrencies are recognized as property under Swedish law and are given the same protection as any other type of property. Swedish law does not contain any specific regulation against cryptocurrencies.

What you need to open a Crypto account in Sweden

All exchanges require users to verify their personal identity before they can start trading. Usually, it will start by filling in your personal information: your legal first and last name. This is followed by selecting the government ID you wish to use (ID card, passport) and then taking a photo and sending it in. Finally, users must submit a photo of themselves to match the profile form previously submitted.

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