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BitMart crypto hack: Victims of $200 mn BitMart crypto hack still waiting for refunds

BitMart crypto hack: Victims of $200 mn BitMart crypto hack still waiting for refunds
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SAN FRANCISCO: Victims of the $200 million crypto exchange BitMart hack are still waiting for their money even more than a month after the exchange was hacked.

According to reports, BitMart has promised to fully reimburse the victims of the platform-wide hack in the amount of $200 million.

Hackers stole various crypto tokens on December 4, after using a stolen privacy key to gain access to a hot BitMart wallet, CNBC reports.

Shortly after the hack, BitMart announced that it would use its own funding to “cover the incident and compensate the affected users.”

BitMart said in a statement that it will use its own funds to compensate victims of the widespread security breach, which the exchange has blamed on a stolen private key.

“Many BitMart customers say they have not received any form of reimbursement,” the report said on Sunday.

It remains unclear how BitMart plans to compensate all affected users.

BitMart said it was talking to several project teams to confirm the most reasonable solutions such as token swaps.

“No user assets will be harmed. We are doing our best now to restore our security settings and operations. We need time to make appropriate arrangements and your kind understanding during this time will be greatly appreciated,” the platform said.

Of all the tokens stolen in the BitMart hack, data from blockchain security firm PeckShield showed that the SafeMoon token was severely affected.

SafeMoon holders took their fight to Twitter using the hashtag #WenBitMart, asking for their money back.


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