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BUSINESS LIVE: UK economy rose 0.9% in November

BUSINESS LIVE: UK economy rose 0.9% in November
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Live Business: Britain’s economy rose 0.9% in November; Curry has been affected by supply chain disruption; James Bond and Spiderman enhance Cineworld

The UK economy is finally back at pre-pandemic levels after it grew by 0.9 per cent in November, a big shock from the previous month when it barely expanded, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics.

Electrical retailer Currys revealed sales fell during the holiday peak period, including by 6 per cent in the UK and Ireland, with its boss Alex Baldock admitting that the market had been affected by “uneven customer demand and supply disruptions”.

Cineworld ticket sales have rebounded strongly over the latter half of last year thanks to the popularity of the action films No Time to Die and Spider-Man: No Way Home, although commerce remains well below pre-pandemic levels.

Official figures show that GDP grew by 0.9 percent in November, which means the level is higher now than it was in February 2020.



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