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Coinbase Is A Powerful Cryptocurrency Trading App

Coinbase Is A Powerful Cryptocurrency Trading App
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The American frontier is often known as the “Wild West.” My best friend told me that getting into cryptocurrency trading is the new The Wild West, a frontier time in the United States but also across the world as countries and individuals wrestle over how to manage and regulate cryptocurrencies.

Note: This post is not financial advice and is for educational purposes only.

As a business owner responsible for my retirement funds, I have used and explored a variety of investments from traditional stocks and mutual funds to real estate and other riskier forms of investment. I have yet to venture into cryptocurrency trading, but it seemed like it was time to expand and try to understand this new world. Of course, I know I’m a bit late in the gold rush, but I wondered what app I might use to get started.

As a primer, I highly recommend this section here Forbes: Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of 2021 (Updated just a few weeks ago). In this section, you will find reviews of the most important different exchanges:

You know from the title that I found Coinbase to be one of the top rated apps and a strong contender to consider. Many of the exchanges mentioned above also offer cryptocurrency trading apps, but according to my research and MobileAction, a smart mobile app platform, Coinbase is number seven on Google Play with nearly 630,000 reviews (over 10 million downloads) and Coinbase is number four on Apple’s App Store with 1.6 million reviews (68 million users).

From the Coinbase app pages: “We are the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency exchange, with over 68 million users in 32 countries around the world. Coinbase allows you to securely buy, store and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin and many more An easy-to-use web and app platform.”

Like Forbes The review related to the above cases, the Coinbase exchange is one of the largest and most secure exchanges, but this leads to a certain degree of slightly higher costs (compared to other exchanges). From a mobile app experience perspective, although other apps seem to rank higher, they have received fewer reviews or ratings. Therefore, I decided to use Coinbase as a secure mobile application – a large number of users with a lot of decent reviews.

I’ll add that since testing the waters, including downloading and using the Coinbase iOS app, we’ve also used web-based apps or tools to access various crypto exchanges and services for security reasons (outside the scope of this review, but “hard wallets” are often more secure than wallets” Soft” and the first is a very encrypted and physical USB stick, which means it’s in your hand versus the internet only). With Coinbase, they have two levels of user access, and again, they don’t provide financial advice here, but Coinbase Pro has a lower fee structure overall compared to the basic account which Forbes Consultant The review also notes, (both basic account levels are free, before trading costs).

Coinbase and other crypto apps and services all require multiple steps in identifying you, accessing your bank account, and other security steps to protect you. It can sometimes be difficult to jump through all hoops but given the nature of the Wild West and the reputation of many cryptocurrencies and companies, this seems like a small price to pay to gain access to the platforms and exchanges.

Of course, just because the app is easy to use and can help you navigate, investing in cryptocurrency involves a great deal of study and education. There are many areas where a “gold rush” or a “Wild West” seems appropriate and real – a crazy idea, a digital currency, and a sense at the same time. But for those who are thinking of investing in cryptocurrency, Coinbase is one of the best apps and services that you should look for and consider.


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