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Coinpass Review 2022: An Ultimate Guide!

Coinpass Review 2022: An Ultimate Guide!
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The concept of Coinpass, a UK cryptocurrency trading company, was conceived with the ideology of transforming cryptocurrency exchange and financial dealing, which was always, protected and easy to use. It was introduced to investors in 2018. The UK owned trading platform helps retail investors, expert traders and corporations access the cryptocurrency markets with their trading and trading techniques for profitable liquidity.

Cryptocurrency exchange is allowed in less time, with reasonable trading fees, and trading news is provided to enhance support. Coinpass wants the business to be internationally responsible in expanding into digital finance. Through the exchange’s business objectives, Prospects will connect existing investments, banking, trading, and digital assets to work in unison with clients’ funds. Though, read our Coinpass review and learn more about its services in detail.

Coinpass Summary

Official Website
headquarters Ashford, United Kingdom
found in 2018
original code number
Listed Cryptocurrencies BTC, XRP, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOT, LINK
Trading pairs Unavailable
Supported fiat currencies Pound sterling and euro
Supported Countries Economic Zone of the United Kingdom and the European Union
Minimum Deposit number
Deposit fee free
Transfer fee Depends on the currency
Fee withdrawal Depends on the currency
Request Yes
Customer Support Email, phone, support ticket and FAQ

What is Coinpass?

Headquartered in Ashford, UK, with family offices in Wales, the crypto asset firm was created to meet market-experience requirements for fast, reliable, licensed and scaling finance service products. Investors can trade and exchange Bitcoin and other prominent platforms.

Coinpass platform interface

How does Coinpass work?

The UK-based trading platform gives investors cryptocurrency services such as trading, buying, selling and HODL. The digital exchange activities on the platform provide customers with seamless product development functionality for bank account deposits through the UK-based Express Payments network. Cryptocurrency purchases are managed securely and reliably through their cold storage wallets.

Coinpass Features

Free Deposit

Coinpass customers, through their user accounts, can make free fiat currency deposits from their banks. These benefits are added to the customer in a matter of seconds and help provide fast payments for converting GBP to GBP/EUR currency exchange. Free cryptocurrency deposits are kept in the Coinpass account.

Profitable Crypto Assets

The exchange platform allows the most profitable and most demanded crypto assets. These blockchain coins highlight exceptional liquidity rates. Coinpass guarantees these cryptocurrencies to trade cryptocurrencies and buy/sell and exchange cryptocurrencies instantly without any hassle. A new group of cryptocurrency exchange networks are constantly added to the platform’s portfolio.

Safety and scalability measures

The company holds crypto assets through an offline cold storage wallet system. The Coinpass wallet is protected by standard bank-level cryptographic compatibility.

speed with conviction

On Coinpass, customers can authorize the crypto exchange instantly without long waiting times. Users can easily sign up for the trading platform within a minute and start a guaranteed crypto buying/selling procedure.

Cryptocurrency earnings bonus

Clients are given a deposit bonus earnings if they refer the platform to a friend or business partner.

Authorized institutional exchange

For a safe and reliable exchange, clients are offered a company that has quick protection measures for clients’ cash and cryptocurrency. In addition, users are given great liquidity for OTC trading orders. Coinpass has custodian functions that accommodate small businesses and large corporations as well.

Coinpass FeaturesCoinpass Features

Is Coinpass Regulated?

The platform’s trading order services accommodate crypto giveaways in its system, which are linked to an authorized account and a licensed financial institution. No interest compensation is credited to the client deposits in the Coinpass wallet.

Coinpass Reviews: Pros and Cons

Positives Negatives

Coinpass registration process

To enter the Coinpass platform, users need to click on the “Register” button on the main page. The user needs to add details, such as name, email address and a strong password. After the terms and conditions are approved, an email will be sent to verify the user’s account.

Compliance-based questions are asked, which must be submitted, such as the front and back copy of a driver’s license or passport for UK residents. A document of the user’s residential address and a photograph must be submitted along with the document copy provided and the date of registered submission.

The Coinpass compliance team will review the user’s details and send an email once the account is activated on the platform.

Coinpass registration processCoinpass registration process

How to buy and sell cryptocurrency on Coinpass?

Clients can make instant transactions on the platform at any hour of the day. Once the customer registers on the site and receives verification, he can start his transactions on the Coinpass site.

The platform includes the exchange of pairs of cryptocurrency markets such as GBP, EUR, BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, DOT, LINK and XLM.

Coinpass fee

Coinpass fees for deposits on the platform are free for all holdings of cryptocurrency exchanges. In terms of trading fees in the GBP/EUR crypto markets, the fees for exchanging pairs of minimum order volumes are 0.0005 BTC for (BTC/GBP) and (BTC/EUR).

For trading pairs with minimum volume, the trading fee is 0.005 ETH for (ETH/GBP) and (ETH/EUR); 1 XRP for the trading pairs (XRP / GBP) and (XRP / EUR); 0.001 LTC for the trading pairs (LTC/GBP) and (LTC/EUR) to name a few.

The fee based on the level of a Coinpass wallet account is 0.35% for level 1, 0.30% for level 2, 0.25% for level 3, 0.20% for level 4, 0.15% for level 5, 0.10% for level 6, 0.05% for level 7 Get More details about the fee structure by clicking here.

Coinpass approved payment method

Deposits and withdrawals are permitted through the country’s accepted Fastest Payments System (FPS) which promotes instant GBP transfer between the customer’s bank account and their Coinpass wallet account. In addition, payments are made through cryptocurrency exchanges and transfers of Euros from the client’s bank account.

Coinpass supported countries and currencies

The platform currently supports cryptocurrency exchange networks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple. More prominent exchanges to add to the company’s portfolio of services.

The primary region in which Coinpass is allowed is in the United Kingdom. In addition, the platform is approved for exchanges in the European Economic Area of ​​Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands. Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

How is Coinpass different from others?

Coinpass Permits Pioneering cryptocurrency exchange For the UK crypto community. This includes all partners and companies. An additional strength is that the platform is affiliated with UK-governed banking institutions to offer accelerated deals. The platform’s compliance measures are in compliance with the UK Federal Conduct Code (FCA) legislative compliance.

Coinpass stands out from other crypto platforms because it does not suffer from any interruptions or delays, and its interface is easy to use.

Coinpass API

For companies that connect themselves with Coinpass, API solutions for the enterprise’s customer onboarding process will be offered. With API features, exchanges and KYC features will be all in one place. In addition, modular API capabilities will also be in service when building a brand to facilitate crypto transactions for consumers.

Coinpass Insurance

To protect customer funds from hacker attacks and illegal practices such as fraud, the platform has compliant data security measures in place, including but not limited to HODL which preserves the user’s crypto deposit assets. Another distinguishing feature regarding its security measures is the authentication standards that integrate biometric and multi-administrator services into user accounts.

Coinpass security measuresCoinpass security measures

Coinpass Customer Support

To receive assistance from the support team, customers can submit a request by logging into their account. In addition, the platform also offers support with FAQs, how-to guides, and an academy feature to get insights into cryptocurrency trades.

Coinpass Customer SupportCoinpass Customer Support

Coinpass Reviews: Final Verdict

The European DeFi ecosystem is gaining a lot of momentum. Coinpass will add marketplaces such as Crypto-crypto exchanges for BTC and ETH networks, as well as altcoin/fiat markets, and complementary altcoin/crypto exchanges to expand its business. The intent is to guarantee 100 tradable crypto exchanges to their clients.

questions and answers

Is Coinpass secure?

Coinpass allows all cryptocurrency trading operations with high-quality security measures and reliable services through their cold storage functionality.

Is Coinpass Legal?

The Digital Finance Corporation is a registered private limited company incorporated in England and Wales.

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