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CrossTower launches G-Coin® Digital Gold in the US

CrossTower launches G-Coin® Digital Gold in the US
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New YorkAnd January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Presented by CrossTower Inc. (“CrossTower”), one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency and digital asset exchanges, has issued the G-Coin digital gold token (GCOIN) to its customers in the United States. Unlike cryptocurrencies, the G-Coin token is a digital address of ownership of 99.99% of pure physical gold that is stored in secured vaults. Thus, all tokens give buyers ownership of the underlying physical gold, rather than being exposed to the price of gold. Tokens combine the best qualities of traditional gold – stability, security, and value – with the benefits of digital innovation. After being launched in the US in 2019 by G-Wallet owned by G-Coin, GCOIN is now available for trading on the CrossTower platform in United State, along with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Coin.

2021 saw a year of unprecedented inflation for the US dollar, which prompted more and more consumers to seek alternative forms of wealth preservation, including cryptocurrencies and gold. Thus, GCOIN is a suitable product for the market. Customers can buy and sell GCOIN online safely, smoothly and securely. The token enables users to purchase a digital title to gold easily and in smaller quantities than is usual in the physical gold market. GCOIN can be bought and sold with, BTC, ETH and USD.

Furthermore, physical gold – Responsible Gold™ – is produced by miners and refiners who adhere to the highest environmental, social and governance standards. Tracked from the mine to the vault using blockchain technology, Responsible Gold™ provides ultimate guarantees of source and chain of custody and 99.99% purity.

Kapil RathiCrossTower CEO and Co-Founder said, “Millennials and young adults are taking advantage of the crypto sector and the demand, education and interest in this sector is increasing. To further this, CrossTower adds this unique option to buy and trade GCOIN. In addition, G-Coin provides transparent information to the buyer about where Core gold mining, its ESG principles, and where to store GCOIN. CrossTower is proud to seize the opportunity to empower everyone to own this popular, traditional asset in a new, ESG-compliant digital form.”

He said “Owning GCOIN means owning gold” Brent de Jong, Chairman and Founder of G-Coin. “Our partnership with CrossTower, a leading global digital asset trading company, will enable traders who are keen to manage cryptocurrency volatility and avoid the burden of physical storage, to purchase GCOIN as a natural hedge for their portfolios. Blending asset classes to increase returns and reduce volatility is critical and GCOIN provides an alternative to improving wallet performance through Stability, liquidity and effective diversification. We see gold as a powerful protector and creator of wealth, and we have made it our mission to make it available as a savings tool and also give it additional utility as a medium of exchange.”

With G-Wallet, users can unlock full G-Coin functionality to send or gift gold to friends, family, and other G-Wallet holders instantly and at no cost. The G-Coin debit card will allow users to spend GCOIN for commercial transactions.

CrossTower is a global thought leader and participant in the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), Blockchain, Crypto Assets Council (BACC), Global Digital Asset and Currency Association (Global-DCA) and Digital Asset Regulatory Legal Alliance (DARLA). Through these organizations, CrossTower facilitates policy that advances the development and innovation of finance while emphasizing the protection and safety of clients’ assets.

About CrossStor
Founded in 2019, CrossTower, ranked 4th in the world by Cryptocompare, is a crypto exchange with capital market potential. CrossTower empowers smart money to push the boundaries of what is possible. CrossTower provides the best services and products tailored to meet the needs of retailers and institutions, including hedge funds, family offices, endowments, pensions and other market participants. CrossTower leverages its extensive experience in commerce, technology, operational infrastructure, innovative pricing, regulations, and compliance to make cryptocurrencies and digital assets more accessible to participants in sophisticated retail and institutional markets. CrossTower has offices located in the United States, Bermuda, And India.

About G-COIN
G-Coin is operated by Emergent Technology & Payments Group (“EmTech”). EmTech develops and markets technology solutions to create connected, frictionless and responsible ecosystems. The Responsible Gold ecosystem provides the means for gold with irrefutable blockchain-based records of origin, which comply with ESG’s best practice controls, to be digitally minted into G-Coin tokens that can be used to hold, send and spend responsible gold. G-Coin brings gold into the digital age, making it available and giving it a real benefit. G-Coin wallets allow users to send peer-to-peer gold locally and across borders. The G-Coin debit card allows users to spend gold on daily purchases. G-Coin tokens can be redeemed for actual responsible gold bars*. The group operates in more than 60 high-growth markets across Asia PacificAnd Latin america, the Middle east, And Africa. To learn more, visit

* Despite the physical recovery of the responsible goldG-Coin support is permitted under certain conditions, and restrictions may exist in certain jurisdictions. For inquiries regarding the availability of this feature, please contact customer support at [email protected].

The information provided here does not constitute investment, tax, legal or accounting advice. No representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy, content, suitability or completeness of the information, analysis or conclusions provided. As with many other assets, the risk of loss in trading or holding gold or digital assets can be significant and should be carefully considered in light of personal financial circumstances.

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