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CryptoFights integrates Fabriik Weave to manage player crypto swaps

TorontoAnd January 11 2022 /PRNewswire/ – CryptoFights, as the name suggests, is a peer-to-peer fighting game where players use strategy, logic and probability to win crypto rewards. In recent months, the massive increase in both users (over 50,000 so far) and transactions (peaking, so far, with over 1.2 million transactions in a single day) has led the company to search for a solution to deal with its ever-increasing turnover.

Fabriik Weave allows end users to perform all cryptocurrency exchange actions including consolidation, trading prices, execution and settlement, while fully managing confirmations.

CryptoFights has integrated the Weave API into its platform so that players can trade seamlessly, in real time, without having to leave the game – a key feature of gaming sites. With low minimum trades from just 5 USD In crypto, players do not need to use or install a new crypto wallet because Weave will work with existing players wallet(s).

Crypto-to-crypto: Initially supporting seven cryptocurrencies including BSV, this will be expanded to 19, with Fiat on/off ramps soon this year.

Glenn Broomfield“Having a client like FYX Gaming so early in our journey is the best proof of concept we could have hoped for,” said Fabriik Weave, General Manager, Fabriik Weave. From organizations that require the ability to exchange digital assets.”

Adam KlingCryptoFights CEO, added: “Now that we have a scalable transaction system, the sky is the limit for how much we can scale to our already popular gaming platform.”

For more information on Fabriik Weave, please read this case study. For transaction volumes on CryptoFights, please visit BSVData.

Risk Warning: Trading in cryptocurrency carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. You should consider whether you understand how cryptocurrencies work and whether you can take a high risk of losing your money.

the spun API It allows companies to integrate a simple and configurable crypto-to-crypto exchange with the front-end design of their existing site, so that their clients can trade cryptocurrency in just three steps without leaving their site. Alternatively, companies can host widget weave on their site by copying and pasting a snippet of code.

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