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Cryptos to Buy: 7 Killer Crypto to Buy for January 2022

crypto - 7 Killer Cryptos to Buy for January
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It’s been a rough start to 2022 for cryptocurrency investors. Bitcoin (CCC:BTC-USD) saw a meaningful correction and altcoin action followed.

The unrest in Kazakhstan has reduced the capacity of the Bitcoin network and this is one reason for the correction. Furthermore, the Fed indicated that there is a slight taper and interest rate increases are coming in 2022. The relative tightening of liquidity is another reason for some weakness in the cryptocurrency world.

However, volatility is nothing new in the field of cryptography. In the past, Bitcoin has experienced a sharp correction. It was followed by a strong reversal rally. I also think that we are at a point where Bitcoin’s dominance is likely to decline on a relative basis.

The dominance of Altcoin will increase and the outperforming coins will be coins with a strong use case. In uncertain times, coins or low-interest coins are likely to be hit the hardest.

In general, real interest rates are likely to remain negative in most parts of the world. Even if contractionary monetary policies are pursued. This will continue to encourage investment and speculation in risky asset classes.

So I think the latest correction is a good opportunity to accumulate some high-quality cryptocurrency.

Let’s discuss seven of the cryptocurrencies that are in a position to make a strong rally in the near term. These altcoins are also likely to remain bullish in the coming quarters.

  • Binance coin (CCC:BNB-USD)
  • Zignaly (CCC:ZIG-USD)
  • MarketMove (CCC:MOVE-USD)
  • MarhabaDeFi (CCC:MRHB-USD)
  • Turum (CCC:XTM-USD)
  • Rare’s symbol of judgment (CCC:RGT-USD)

Cryptocurrency to buy for January: Binance Coin (BNB)

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In October 2017, BNB was trading at 3 cents. The coin touched an all-time high of $686 in May 2021. This is a good example of the value creation that is likely to come through essentially holding solid projects.

Having been a star in 2021, BNB has been in a downtrend in the recent past. At the current levels of $487, it is worth buying for both short and long-term gains.

As an overview, Binance is the largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange in the world. The exchange currently has 355 coins listed compared to 139 coins listed on Queen Piece (NASDAQ:Currency). For investors optimistic about the continued growth of cryptocurrency adoption, BNB is an essential wallet.

Last month, Binance partnered with the Dubai World Trade Center. The partnership will create an international ecosystem of virtual assets. In December 2021, Binance also acquired an 18% stake in a regulated private exchange based in Singapore. mercury exchange.

Binance appears to have great financial flexibility to pursue acquisition-driven growth. Moreover, Binance Labs is investing in attractive projects in the crypto world. Once bullish sentiment returns, it won’t take long for BNB to rally.

Zignaly (ZIG)

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I talked about Zignaly back in October 2021 as a project with a strong use case. As of November 2021 at its lowest price in two years, ZIG coin is already up more than 280%. As a matter of fact, the currency reached an all-time high of 18 cents on the recent rally. I think ZIG coin is worth piling up with market sentiment driving the coin lower.

The recent market volatility and downside underlined the importance of the Zignaly project in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Zignaly’s idea is to follow the trading experts to make profits. The platform has already gained significant traction with 350,000 users and $120 million in assets under management.

It is worth mentioning here that Zignaly’s profit sharing and trading has an advantage over copy trading. In the latter, the user is always one step behind the trader. However, in profit sharing, the user is a co-investor with the trader. Zignaly claims that the top 20 traders on the platform generated an annual profit of 270%. Therefore, only by sharing profits with these traders, investors can make meaningful gains.

I particularly like the project as there are thousands of new investors plunging into cryptocurrencies every day. It makes sense to test the situation with an expert before proceeding with individual trading.

Cryptocurrencies to buy for January: (MOVE)

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In the past two weeks, bitcoin has trended lower. However, during the same period, the MOVE token was in an upward trend.

MarketMove is another project I’ve talked about in the past. However, the project is undergoing a complete renovation with the Move X slated to launch in the second week of January 2022. This is the main reason behind MOVE’s distinct upward trend.

The MarketMove project began with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI)-driven safety audits for projects. Moreover, the project aims to bring features such as stop-loss and limit orders in decentralized finance.

However, with the upcoming launch of Move X, it seems that the vision of the project has broadened. While the white paper remains to be revealed, Move X will be swapping across a chain and offering investors the best swap rates, which will be AI powered. Therefore, the idea is not only to provide a platform for the exchange of assets (through chains), but to exchange at the best possible rates.

In addition, Move X intends to differentiate itself from other DeFi projects by being a full suite of cutting edge tools. For example, the project aims to provide investors with suggestions on how to earn with staking and farming via the blockchain.

In general, the MarketMove project is only two quarters old. The team appears to have a vision of making the project a one-stop shop for all your DeFi needs. In my view, some project exposure can be considered for multiple potential returns.

MarhabaDeFi (MRHB)

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MRHB is another token in the crypto space that survived the recent massacre. On December 27, the token was trading at four cents. It’s already over 200% higher at 13 cents.

So, what is the differential factor?

MarhabaDeFi claims to be the first project in the decentralized world to build a Shariah-compliant suite of crypto financial solutions. According to CoinGecko, the project focuses on “the Islamic finance liquidity pool that is currently over $3 trillion in size and growing and serves more than 1,000,000 people globally.”

Liquidity harvester is one of the features of MarhabaDeFi. It is for income generation across a wide range of Shariah compliant pools that will provide APY in the range of 5% to 25%. The project also has a cross-chain DEX Aggregator that splits large orders across different decentralized exchanges to reduce slippage. The launch of interest-free crypto financing is also available in 2022.

With so much happening in the NFT space, MarhabaDeFi introduced the NFT Marketplace System. This is an NFT creation and collection platform. It also includes listing and auctioning.

Overall, the MRHB token looks attractive with a diversified offering in an undiscovered area of ​​Islamic finance merging with the crypto world. It’s no surprise that the currency is trending higher even as the broad markets slump.

Crypto buy for January: Torum (XTM)

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XTM coin has been in correction mode in the recent past. However, it is worth noting that XTM is still 700% above its lows in October 2021. The coin has therefore seen a meaningful rally. I think the correction provides a good entry point for long-term investors.

As an overview, Torum is the first social media platform designed specifically for cryptocurrency users. According to the website, the social media platform already has 203,361 users. With the global spread, the number of Torum users will likely continue to increase.

Furthermore, there are a few factors that are likely to support user growth while increasing project visibility.

First and foremost, the platform rewards users for activities that include posting, liking posts, and creating threads on specific topics. Users are rewarded with XTM coins. This provides an incentive to stay active on the social media platform.

Moreover, Torum is expanding beyond just social media. The project actually acts as a news aggregator in the crypto space. In addition, NFT Marketplace and NFT Launchpad are catalysts for sustainable user growth in the social media platform. Besides the launch platform, Torum DeFi also provides investors with liquidity cultivation and cross-chain swaps.

Another interesting feature coming to the project is the Torumgram. This will link Telegram to Torum, “essentially allowing the community to use Telegram directly on Torum.” (FET)

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The project is another name that comes with a powerful use case. The project aims to bring the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the decentralized world.

The FET token has been unique in the last 12 months. Even after the recent drop, the coin has gained 550% over this period.

In terms of the use case, has applications in areas including smart cities, decentralized delivery agents, and AI-independent travel agents, among others. Last year, the project developed a decentralized marketplace for global manufacturers, festo.

In particular, the smart city project promises a significant reduction in the carbon footprint. With environmental concerns on the rise, this could change the rules of the game. estimates that “implementing smart city infrastructure will reduce CO2 emissions by 34,000 tons per year.”

In March 2021, also received a $5 million institutional investment. This will help build and accelerate the company’s AI implementation. Among the project partners, there are big names such as bush The Blockchain for Europe.

Overall, FET token looks attractive at less than 50 cents and is worth considering in the medium to long term.

Crypto to buy for January: Rari Governance Token (RGT)

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As the world of decentralized finance swells, the RGT token deserves to be held for the long term.

The token touched an all-time high of $64.6 in November 2021. After a significant correction, the token is currently trading at $26.88. With a limited supply of 12.5 million tokens, I am bullish on RGT to touch new highs once sentiment towards the cryptocurrency reverses.

As an overview, Rari Capital is involved in lending, borrowing and yield generation in the DeFi space. For Rare, growth has been stellar in the past 12 months.

Currently, the community has more than 10,000 members with a total value of $1.1 billion. Rari Capital offers over 100 DeFi opportunities.

It is worth noting that even with a possible rate hike in 2022, real interest rates will remain negative. Rari allows investors to deposit crypto assets and earn a solid return. So it is very likely that the total value booked for DeFi opportunities in the project will continue to inflate.

This will translate into an upward trend for the judgment symbol which appears to be undervalued. To put things into perspective, the project currently has a rating fully diluted to a total closed value of 0.33.

at the date of publication, Faisal Humayun They have not (directly or indirectly) held any positions in any of the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and are subject to’s posting guidelines.

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