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Everything You Need to Know About Shibnobi Token

Everything You Need to Know About Shibnobi Token
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For those new to the Crypto investment platform, Shibnobi, better known as SHINJA is a community driven token/platform that envisions developing one of the best investment ecosystems for the next generation. It plans to make crypto very easy and secure for all the people who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency. Its mission statement is to make the crypto space safe, fair, and more beneficial to both casual investors and vetted projects.

Shibnobi (SHINJA) is a revolutionary deflation token that offers a multi-chain swap (DojoSwap) between Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), and Polygon (POLY) (MATIC).

Shibnobi, led by developer Cliff Fettner, aims to provide an easy-to-use multi-chain switch in the DeFi ecosystem, with incentives for early adopters. Shibnobi’s mission is to become the dominant DeFi protocol, and a one-stop shop for all EVM-compliant network traders, ushering in a new era of easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading for beginners and professionals alike.

Shibnobi was released at 7 PM UTC on November 15, 2021. It offers easy-to-use multi-chain token swaps, allowing any crypto enthusiast to join in. Staking is included in the project, which also includes charitable fundraising and video games.

(Shinga) Tokens:

The total supply of the original DojoSwap token, SHINJA, is 69 sextillion tokens. Below is a breakdown of the total offer:

  • Team members and founders: For one month, 7% of the population was locked up.
  • Sell ​​Tokens: 12% (earned over 8 weeks at profit)
  • Partnership listings and exchanges account for 28% of all transactions.
  • 40 percent of the ecosystem (traction, planned fires, etc.)
  • 13 percent for Uniswap

SHINJA is a deflationary token with a 13% transaction fee that provides users with real-time value and rewards.

  • Liquidity Pool: A 5% tax on price increases is transferred to the Liquidity Pool.
  • Marketing and Development: A 5% tax is applied to the Shipnobi ecosystem in order to promote and expand it.
  • Instant stake: A 3% reversal tax provides passive income to SHINJA token holders.
  • Scheduled Burns: Since its debut, over 34% of the total supply has been burned, with more burns on the way, making SHINJA deflationary.

Now that you have the basic information about the Shibnobi token, let’s discuss further Democratic accountability of the team.

CEO Cliff Fettner, a blockchain and financial expert with over 25 years of software engineering experience, leads and develops Shibnobi. Ell Ceee, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and André Santos, Graphic Designer, are key members of the team.

The core team has been fully vetted by the Chinobi community and has also gone through a third party known as Know Your Customer (KYC).

Cliff Fettner, the lead developer of the project, adopted a democratic attitude of accountability that has led to the development of a high degree of trust and openness in the community.

The Shabanoobi team aims to change the game by eliminating the scourge of anonymity and uncertainty in the decentralized web, striving to be the only completely transparent and secure MEME currency in existence.

One of the things that makes Shibnobi unique is their website. The website has a special roadmap that guides the audience on how to get started. Divided into four phases, the roadmap guides people and provides all necessary information.

The first stage: creating social networking sites

Website development


marketing process

Stage 2: Information about the AMA’s

Launch Uniswap


Social media ads


Stage 3: Listing on CoinMarketCap

Listed on Coingecko

exchange list



house market



Stage 4:

  • Run Dojoswap – Q1 2022
  • Katana 2FA Wallet Launch – Q2 2022
  • Kusari Blockchain Launch – Q3 2022

Shibnobi is a community-driven token that aims to provide cross-chain token exchange to savvy investors. The main goal of this code is to make the cryptocurrency as easy to understand as possible so that the average person can benefit from it.

To do this, the team intends to create a unique ecosystem that includes a smart wallet and token swaps. To include the token staking mode, Shibnobi will partner with Binance Smart Chain, ETH and Polygon Networks.

To boost awareness of the initiative, a campaign is now running on Twitter and Telegram. The team’s goal is to reach 100,000 token holders in the least amount of time possible. Shibnobi will simplify trading across different chains by allowing investors to use a single DApp to trade across three networks.

“Shabanoobi is a contract that includes an autotrophic LP and a marketing allowance with built-in bearer implications.”

What does the above quote mean?

They point out that because the contract is based on reversal, investors or holders of the Shipobe are entitled to a 3% rebate on the 13% tax on transactions in the Shinobi ecosystem. Which makes Shabnobi so attractive. The contract also ensures that the liquidity pool is in good shape, since 5% of the funds are allocated to it. The remaining 5% is allocated to the marketing budget. The total supply of Shabnobi is 69 trillion.

Shibnobi’s authenticity was supported by a series of contacts and papers. The White Paper, Techrate Audit, and Kycastle Compliance are all three. On the other hand, the Techrate report has a flaw. Shibnobi’s techrate report is not available now on the techrate website. This raises questions about the veracity of the Shipnobi report. The contract owner has a significant degree of control, according to a Techrate report (which has become a controversial topic).

Apart from this flaw, I think the developers have provided quite a bit of evidence. However, if they get Certik audit, they can improve it.

Shabnobi also provided a link that takes you directly to the page containing the details of the liquidity lock contract. At Uniswap, we have confirmed that the Shibnobi liquidity pool is closed for a year. As a result, investors do not need to worry about exposure to roughness. This takes care of them completely.

What is the Shinobi’s future plan?

Shabnobi has a bright future ahead, and the token may bring the desired benefits if the team fulfills its promises. There is a lot of effort that needs to be done to turn ideas into reality.

The DeFi industry is very competitive, and the current coins have already made significant progress. Everything seems organized on paper, but in order to get results, the team must reproduce the effort in the real world.

Shabnoubi must negotiate competition and prove to investors that they are serious about business by following through on their commitments. Only then will the token be able to penetrate the market and attract the attention of a larger group of investors.

The token is an excellent investment for individuals who believe that Chinobi will deliver the desired results by any means necessary.

Moreover, the meme and metaverse tokens have shown positive results and are preparing to take advantage of the next bull market. According to reports, the metaverse and meme-tokens may rule the cryptocurrency chart during the next bull run.

Meme and metaverse icons have received a lot of funding. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogelon Mars have been acquired by whales in the previous seven days, sparking a spike in business.

Shabnoubi has a competitive advantage in the market and the team should take advantage of it to their advantage.

After all you know about shiboobi, you’re wondering how to buy it?

Well, on decentralized exchanges, some cryptocurrencies, such as Shibnobi, can only be obtained with another cryptocurrency. To get Shibnobi, first buy Ethereum (ETH) and then use ETH to buy Shibnobi. To do this, you will need a wallet known as a self-custodial wallet.

What do investors think of Shabnobi?

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Image source: Crypto Potato

There is a broad sense of optimism regarding the token on Reddit. Many people think that the token is real and that they will earn big money with it. While few have reservations. On Twitter, there are skepticism among investors. This is understandable given the token’s current green state. On the other hand, some investors are willing to take a small risk in order to test the waters.

The Shabnobi White Paper is a 7-page PDF file. You should start with an overview. According to the third page of the white paper.

On Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Networks, SHIBNOBI is a currency that provides passive income. Its main use case is to provide a simple token exchange that works across all three chains. The team based on Doxed Devs is working on this.

production price:

Shinja is currently trading for $0.000000000001 on CoinMarketCap. As of now, no data is available on the trading volume or market capitalization, although Shinja coins have had a trading volume of around $18 million in the past 24 hours.

The price of the coin will be determined by its inclusion on exchange platforms in the near future. Shinja coin will likely return well for investors if the company can attract any backers who are interested in the token swap platform.

Let’s see how Shinobi’s three-blockchain performed in 2021 as he claims to make money by swapping them.

Recent news:

Shibnobi launched on the Ethereum (ETH) network on November 15, 2021, with listings in both Uniswap and FegEx, and has plans to launch on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in December 2021 and Polygon (MATIC) in January 2022.

Note: Any information or facts included in the above article is the property of the said company. It does not reflect this site’s views regarding the purchase, sale or ownership of any particular investment. Before making any financial decisions, you should do your own research. Use the information provided at your own risk. There is not much information about the shinobi or the Shinga coin. As a result, predictions are difficult to make and prone to guesswork. The initiative claims to offer token exchange across multiple blockchain networks, which is likely to attract investors who want to remove bots from the market for fair play.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you found it interesting. Share it with your friends and family and comment your opinions about the Shibnobi symbol in the comments section below.

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