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FAMEEX Announces the Upgrade of Its Blockchain Trading Platform

FAMEEX Announces the Upgrade of Its Blockchain Trading Platform
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SINGAPORE, Jan 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – FAMEEX recently upgraded its blockchain trading platform, users will experience a new platform with a safe entry-level trading journey and a powerful matching engine. Blockchain is a constantly changing technology that generates dozens of new projects every day. There are chances of getting rich overnight, however there are scams all over the place. When investors think about which platforms to trade, they usually expect the platforms to be the gatekeeper.

Since the FAMEEX exchange has been dedicated to safety and security since its trial run in September 2019 and its official launch on January 1, 2020. According to the FAMEEX official website, they put security as the most important issue and this is also the reason why they can stand out in the vast sea of ​​cryptocurrency exchange. Users do not need to worry about the security issue when trading FAMEEX with its four-layer encryption protection mechanism.

Safety and security in the first place

As an investor-oriented platform, FAMEEX ensures users can enjoy the investment journey through the easy-to-use platform and services from logging in to open orders. In the past two years, FAMEEX has gradually expanded its business services and products, among which there is a well-known passive investment tool – Grid Trading Bot.

With 8 different security checks, FAMEEX guarantees the user the best protection for their account. For example, users may be referred to setting up a password that is more complex and less vulnerable to hacking. Through notifications, FAMEEX recommends users to change passwords regularly in case of any malicious attack. Users can check their login history on the official website or app to see if any suspicious activities occur.

Less risky with FAMEEX Grid Trading Bot to use investor fund wisely

Grid Trading Bot Network, one of the biggest advantages of FAMEEX is unparalleled in the cryptocurrency market. FAMEEX offers about thirty trading pairs but what makes FAMEEX the most different from the others is that the robot opens only one buy and sell order in a row, which means that investors do not have to “lock” their money to the networks so that they can make better use of their money. Money.


FAMEEX is dedicated to providing users with a safe, stable and fast trading experience. Since FAMEEX’s priority is security and safety, it offers only mainstream cryptocurrencies that have no exploitation concerns. Services are provided including network trading, perpetual futures, spot trading and a super commission discount program.

With its four-layer ladder encryption protection mechanism, users who trade on FAMEEX do not need to think about the safety issue while enjoying relatively low trading fees. The basic fee for spot trading is 1 while the fee for futures trading is 0.2. Through continuous improvements, FAMEEX hopes to provide a more enjoyable trading journey for users who can trade live.

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