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FTX Review | The Ascent

FTX Review | The Ascent
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The most important advantages

low fees

One of the main attractions of FTX is the low trading fees. Manufacturer and operator fees start at 0.10% and 0.40%, respectively. Taker fees are charged for orders that are executed immediately, and a manufacturer fee is charged for orders that are not immediately fulfilled.

These start-up rates are actually better than what the top cryptocurrency exchanges charge. High-volume traders can also qualify for lower fees with FTX.

Large selection of cryptocurrencies

FTX has over 275 cryptocurrencies available, which is way more than most exchanges offer. FTX.US is more limited, as it contains 22 cryptocurrencies. This is still a reasonable amount, and it includes Bitcoin, a few altcoins, and some stablecoins. But it is not necessarily a strong fit for FTX.US as it is for the international exchange platform.

Earn up to 8% on properties

FTX offers cryptocurrency storage. When you bet your cryptocurrency with FTX, you earn rewards on the fortified amount, so it is like earning interest on money in a bank account. You can uninstall your cryptocurrencies at any time if you wish to trade them. Staking rewards vary but can be as high as 8%.

Advanced command types

Besides your standard market order, FTX has the following advanced order types:

  • stop loss orders
  • Market stop-loss orders
  • movable stop
  • Profit taking
  • Take Profit Limit Orders

Margin Trading

Eligible users who have at least $100,000 on FTX.US can enable margin trading. This gives you access to a leverage of up to 10 times. Margin trading is a high-risk strategy that opens your account to the possibility of liquidation, so it is not recommended for beginners.

NFT . Market

FTX offers a marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These tokens verify the ownership of digital assets and are popular with digital art collectors.

On FTX and FTX.US, you can bid on and buy NFTs. You can also mint (create) your own NFTs and auction them off.

FTX card

The FTX card is a virtual debit card offered by the exchange. You can use it to pay for online purchases using your FTX.US balance. If your USD balance is not enough, FTX will convert your other coins to cover your purchase. Currently, FTX.US only offers a virtual debit card, but that may change in the future.

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