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How to Buy Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT • Benzinga

How to Buy Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT • Benzinga
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Want to jump straight to the answer? You need Ethereum to buy the NFTs that you can get today from Gemini.

Over the past year, NFTs have seen a massive increase in their popularity. Mutant Ape Yacht Club has seen a massive amount of growth as famous celebrities continue to join the project and the price of these assets is skyrocketing.

What was previously minted for 3 ETH is currently trading at over 14 ETH. This is because the project combines all aspects of digital art, community and exclusivity into a visually appealing collection. Find out how to buy the Mutual Ape Yacht Club NFT now.

What is Mutant Ape Yacht Club?

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is NFT, which means non-fungible token. Each NFT has a unique address on the blockchain that cannot be recreated or forged. This allows for proof of ownership among the community and negates any fears of “screenshot capture” of the art for ownership.

Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a suite derived from the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club project on the Ethereum network. These mutant monkeys are created by exposing the bored monkey to mutant serum or by minting the mutant monkey during public sale. MAYC is a group of up to 20,000 unique monkeys with approximately 17,700 currently minted.

MAYC was seen as a “hidden landing” as the developers wanted to make sure there was a fair distribution. 10,000 mutants available to the mint were auctioned and details of sales were kept confidential. BAYC did not disclose the mutants until the sale closed, and this prevented anyone from knowing which NFTs had been minted.

There are 3 different types of sera for mutating boring monkeys: M1, M2 and M3 flasks. Mutants generated with M1 and M2 serum retain the same traits of the original monkey, although M3 is extremely rare and produces unexpected traits. The bored monkey and serum can only be combined once and when using it, the original bored monkey remains the same and the serum is burned.

A Brief History of MAYC

Mutant Apes were airdropped to all BAYC holders in August 2021. Mutant Apes were created along with the original BAYC kit by the anonymous Yuga Labs team. Although the team prefers to remain anonymous, the developers actively interact with the community, removing concerns of any malicious intent.


The biggest advantage of the MAYC NFT contract will be the marital status associated with the project itself. For example, it is very popular among the community to make their Twitter profile picture MAYC, demonstrating their experience in the DeFi space.

The second biggest advantage of holding a MAYC will be the aspect of being a member of the community. Their owners become part of exclusive communities with other celebrities. Not only that, but club members (both MAYC and BAYC) will be able to earn tokens in the upcoming Bored Ape Yacht Club blockchain.

Another feature that is often overlooked is the aspect of holding to make a profit. As the DeFi industry continues to grow, boring monkeys and mutant monkeys are becoming increasingly popular. The bottom price of these assets has grown exponentially since its launch with no signs of slowing down.

How to buy Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs

The cheapest mutant monkey available is over $50,000. Although Mutant Apes can be quite pricey for most individuals, if you are interested in how to purchase these assets, here is the process.

  1. Open an account online.

    MAYC NFTs are built on the Ethereum network. The first step to buying a Mutant Ape is to get some ether. This can be done by opening an account on a trading platform such as Gemini or Coinbase. This process involves verifying your identity by selecting a form of government ID followed by a photo that matches the form of ID.

    Once your account is verified on the trading platform, you can fund it with your preferred payment method. The most popular methods of financing are debit or credit cards as well as direct bank transfer.

  2. Buy or download a crypto wallet.

    In order to actually purchase NFTs from the OpenSea Marketplace, you will need a software wallet like Metamask to use your Ether. After purchasing your preferred NFT, you should send your Ether and NFT to a hardware wallet like Ledger for added security.

  3. Send ETH to your wallet.

    Once you have purchased ETH from an exchange, the next step is to send the required amount of ETH to your wallet. To do this, you have to log into your metamask account and copy your wallet address. Once you have copied the address, you can then paste the address into the ‘send’ feature of the exchange.

    Ethereum transactions can take anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes to send your money. Sending ETH to your wallet from the exchange should have a small gas fee, although other transactions on the Ethereum network can cost more than $100 per transaction.

  4. Make the purchase.

    Once your ETH is in your Metamask wallet, you can now head over to OpenSea. Connect your wallet to OpenSea and now you can buy Mutant Ape. Some may have a “buy now” price if owners choose to list the NFT for sale. Otherwise, you can bid on any NFT you want, and the owner has the option to accept your bid.

Best Crypto Wallets for NFTs

Best hardware wallet: Ledger

Ledger is one of the best hardware wallets out there at the moment. The device is basically an offline hardware wallet that also connects with Bluetooth and USB depending on whether you want to use your PC or mobile phone. Ledger also has an app to make it easier to secure, store, and manage digital assets.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

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Launched in 2014, Ledger has grown into a fast-growing and growing company that develops infrastructure and security solutions for cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain applications for businesses and individuals. The company was born in Paris, and has since expanded to include more than 130 employees in France and San Francisco.

With 1,500,000 Ledger wallets already sold in 165 countries, the company aims to secure the disruptive new class of crypto assets. Ledger has developed a distinctive operating system called BOLOS, which is integrated with a secure chip for his line of wallets. So far, Ledger is proud to be the only player in the market to provide this technology.

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Best Software Portfolio: MetaMask

Metamask is a decentralized mobile software wallet, which means that it does not hold your funds and everything is on the blockchain. The best part is that Metamask encrypts personal information and keys.


Rewards section

Keep in mind that the person accepting the transaction pays the gas fee. For example, if you want to buy an NFT through the “Buy Now” option, you are responsible for the gas fee. If you place a bid on a lot and it is accepted, the owner will pay the gas fee.

Current crypto prices

As 2021 comes to a close, the cryptocurrency market has experienced extreme volatility. Many currencies followed Bitcoin as it made a decent correction.

Although there are technical analysts who still believe that the first quarter of 2022 will bring significant gains, the following weeks will be crucial to determining the immediate future of the cryptocurrency markets.

Is it worth buying MAYC?

Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs, like many other projects, are completely speculative. The value behind these assets are all in the eye of the holder.

He finds a lot of value in society. If you purchase Mutual Ape NFT, you will become 1 out of 20,000 members of an exclusive group. Others find value in franchises like private parties in New York City for monkeys, and some people really want to buy NFT for the art itself.

Buying MAYC is worth it if the art and the perks are valuable to you.

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