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Investing In BrainTrust (BTRST) – Everything You Need to Know

Investing In BrainTrust (BTRST) - Everything You Need to Know
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BrainTrust (BTRST) operates as a next generation talent network. The platform combines a decentralized protocol, community governance, custom cryptocurrency, and more to help companies build more efficient teams. The system allows talents to secure market value and communicate with companies in a simplified manner.

BrainTrust has secured a community of 700,000+ members and hundreds of businesses. The network organizes these participants via a non-profit marketplace. BrainTrust has enjoyed strong investor support since its launch in 2018. The company has received support from Tiger Global, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera, Multicoin, Variant, Blockchange and ACME.

BrainTrust (BTRST) – Twitter

What problems does BrainTrust (BTRST) solve?

BrainTrust is designed to provide convenience to both freelancers and talent seekers. The protocol addresses one of the biggest problems in the market, centralization. Currently, big companies like or Freelancer are the dominant forces in the market. They can charge users and businesses high fees for determining their locations.

BrainTrust provides users with a viable alternative. The network takes advantage of the Ethereum decentralized blockchain and community management system to create a more inclusive business environment. As such, the protocol provides more transparency to the entire market.

high fees

Talent can pay up to 25% using current centralized systems. These fees can span the life of the projects and cost talent thousands in profits. Worst of all, talent seekers and talents have no way to avoid or reduce these fees. These high fees leave users at a disadvantage compared to direct assignments.

BrainTrust does not charge talent fees. This talent-focused approach enables users to secure fair pricing for their skills. It also gives talent seekers more bang for their buck. In this way, BrainTrust provides a more efficient way for team builders to create diverse and specialized teams.

Team Creation

Building a team of quality workers on short notice can be difficult and expensive. Traditional recruiters hold all the cards in a central setting. BrainTrust turns this model on its head. It includes peer-to-peer screening to ensure that all talents are on an equal footing. Teams can create flexible, skilled, and custom skills on demand.

Paid in encryption

During the company’s final voting session, the community chose to enable crypto payments. Now users will be able to get paid directly in BTRST for their services. Users can take this money and transfer it to their preferred crypto using any ERC compliant DEX (Decentralized Exchange). DEXs provide a peer-to-peer, non-security platform for users to securely swap assets in a responsive manner.

BrainTrust (BTRST) Benefits

BrainTrust brings a lot of benefits to the market. It connects freelancers with organizations and provides users with real earning opportunities. The system gives you a variety of ways to earn BTRST and redeem tokens. It uses an easy-to-navigate interface to simplify the user setup process. This system was designed from the start to ensure that anyone can easily sort through talent to find the professionals they need to meet their needs.

BrainTrust (BTRST) - Benefits

BrainTrust (BTRST) – Benefits

fair prices

Talent can secure pure market prices with BrainTrust. They can set their rates based on their skill level and experience. You can also charge per hour using the system. This flexible approach makes it easy for talent to earn what you want.


Another benefit worth mentioning is the referral program. BrainTrust pays users to secure new companies and talent. By stimulating growth, the network drives blockchain adoption and provides users with another way to generate wealth.


Another major benefit of BrainTrust is the existing grant programs. Users can become a member of the first decentralized talent network based on Ethereum and help develop new Web3 opportunities.

How does BrainTrust (BTRST) work?

BrainTrust uses a decentralized network of nodes to accomplish the tasks of centralized systems. The protocol rewards users, talent, companies, and other contributors in the form of BTRST. Users can also secure free and reduced-price software, products, professional resources, and community perks when they participate in the BrainTrust community.

BrainTrust . account

Signing up for a BrainTrust account is easy. Users can fill in their personal information and experiences and even add a collection of their past projects. Tenants can sort through these accounts to find the talent they need. Each account has a score associated with its previous performance. Get additional rewards by maintaining the highest scores and getting the best chances.

BrainTrust contract

BrainTrust has a diverse group of network participants who work together to make the system run smoothly. The system includes vetted nodes hosted by Freelance Labs, SnowFork, Accelerated Labs, Distributed Labs, HexOcean, and Muses.


There is a 10% service fee to be paid to talent seekers. These fees go to maintaining the platform and expanding the network and its services.


BrainTrust is a community-governed network. Users can direct the direction of the company via the voting system. Notably, each BTRST symbol represents one sound. This approach ensures that the people who are invested in the company have a greater say in the direction of the company.

BTRST - CoinGecko

BTRST – CoinGecko


BTRST is the main tool token of the BrainTrust Network. It is an Ethereum-based token that meets the ERC-20 standard for interoperability. BTRST launched on September 1, 2021, with a fixed supply of 250 million tokens.

BrainTrust History (BTRST)

BrainTrust is developed by Freelance Labs, a technology company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 2018 as an IT consulting firm. The company specializes in software development, systems engineering and decentralized technologies. The protocol was founded by Adam Jackson and Gabriel Luna Ostasky.

How to buy a Brain Trust (BTRST)

Brain Trust (BTRST) is available on the following exchanges:

Coinbase – This is one of the best exchanges that provide access to BTRST. They accept residents from AustraliaAnd CanadaAnd SingaporeAnd United kingdom, and the United States of America (except for Hawaii). – Founded in 2013, this exchange is one of the most popular exchanges for buying BTRST.

Use BrainTrust (BTRST) and thrive

BrainTrust fills a viable niche in the talent market. Users are eager for better profit opportunities and more say in their financial future. BrainTrust provides all of these requirements and more. As such, BrainTrust has the potential to turn the market around in exciting ways.

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