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Is Vaultoro Worth Your Money & Time?

Is Vaultoro Worth Your Money & Time?
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When cryptocurrencies became popular, people started trading them in exchange for other high-value financial instruments. In 2020, the exchange of bitcoin for gold was one of the most notable movements in the cryptocurrency market. This area of ​​bitcoin and gold exchange is relatively new to investors, which is why they need a reliable platform to help them.

Voltoro Summary

Official Website
headquarters Cardiff, Wales
found in 2015
original code Nobody
Listed Cryptocurrencies BTC, DASH, ETH, LTC, LINK, DAI, USDT, USDC, UNI
Trading pairs Unavailable
Supported fiat currencies number
Supported Countries 95+
Minimum Deposit Unavailable
Deposit fee Varies with encryption
Transfer fee Cryptocurrency trading pair
Maker – 0.05% / Taker – 0.05%
For the gold/silver trading pair
Maker – from 0.5% to 0.100%
I take – from 0.5% to 0.375%
Fee withdrawal Varies with encryption
Request number
Customer Support Mail support, FAQ, social networks and ticket form

Vaultoro has emerged as the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange for trading bitcoin and gold assets. The platform is designed exclusively to support trades between Bitcoin and precious metals such as gold. In this Vaultoro review, we explore this cryptocurrency exchange and understand how it guides users in the most profitable direction. Based on trusted Vaultoro reviews, the following information helps to know how Vaultoro works differently from other cryptocurrency exchanges out there. This Vaultoro review also shares details about trading fees, deposit and withdrawal methods, and security measures adopted by the platform.

What is Voltoro?

Vaultoro is an online cryptocurrency exchange. It is a unique platform designed to enable trade between crypto assets and physical gold assets. Traders and investors can exchange their Bitcoin and Dash assets to buy and store physical gold assets.

In simple words, physical gold can be exchanged with Bitcoin on Vaultoro. These deals are available at the best possible prices. Through this unique concept, the Vaultoro platform enables cryptocurrency traders to trade gold. It integrates precious metals trading with cryptocurrencies. Ordinary people can easily access exclusive gold reserves by investing in Bitcoin and Dash. The premium gold exchange in Switzerland is working to protect the platform. Vaultoro operates in London and is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in European countries. The platform also makes sure that physical gold delivery is available to its owners anytime and anywhere.

Vaultoro Review – Platform Interface

How does Vaultoro work?

Vaultoro operates like any other crypto exchange, except that it has limited its trading capabilities to Bitcoin/Gold and Dash/Gold. Users can only trade with these pairs because the UK-based exchange ensures that BTC and DASH assets can easily be converted into real gold. The platform operates as a very transparent exchange. It keeps its public ledger within easy reach, and people can easily check trades at their own discretion. At Vaultoro, US-based investors can also buy gold in exchange for BTC and DASH.

Is Vaultoro regulated?

Vaultoro is not a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is a corporate entity registered in the United Kingdom.

Features of Vaultoro

  • Gold storage and cryptocurrency trading are the two main features of this platform.
  • The gold is stored securely in the vaults of Vaultoro in Switzerland. These vaults store 99.9% of pure gold, which is obtained directly from smelting companies. Vaultoro also stores gold in high security vault facilities.
  • ProAurum Switzerland is the main storage facility for this platform. The insurance fee for these storage services is 0.4% of the active gold volume. This fee is renewed every 15 minutes.
  • The list of collectibles offered by Vaultoro is limited. This exchange is not for those looking to explore a wide range of cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency trading. Clients can only trade amounts of gold and bitcoin assets.

Vaultoro Review - Vaultoro FeaturesVaultoro Review – Vaultoro Features

Vaultoro Review: Pros and Cons

Positives Negatives

Create an account with Vaultoro

People can become registered users of Vaultoro through an easy process. The website records the accounts of the users with the help of details, such as name, country, email address and phone number. After digital verification of the newly created account, users can start trading on Vaultoro by adding crypto assets via crypto wallets or purchasing them directly from the platform.

Vaultoro Review - Registration ProcessVaultoro Review – Registration Process

How does Vaultoro make money?

Vaultoro makes its money in three ways:-

  • Trading fees charged to users/clients for crypto gold trading services.
  • Storage fees are charged for gold.
  • Fees charged for physical delivery of gold (including withdrawal fees).

Vaultoro رسوم fees

Vaultoro fees are charged to both trading parties. A manufacturer fee is charged to those selling cryptocurrency or gold. A beneficiary fee is charged to those who buy these assets. Vaultoro also splits these fees between manufacturers and operators with an easy-to-understand fee model.

For a $10,000 bitcoin order, the maker (buyer) bears -0.05% maker fee. Therefore, an additional $5 is charged to the $10,000. The platform also charges a monthly fee of 0.04% for storing gold. Withdrawal fees from Vaultoro are substandard. Exchange fee of 0.0005 BTC per BTC transaction. A withdrawal fee of 0.007 Dash is charged for each Dash trade.

Gold withdrawal and shipping fees, including insurance fees, range from €130 per 100g to €220 per 100g bar, depending on the country of the merchant. click here For more details on Vaultoro’s fee structure.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods from Vaultoro

According to this Vaultoro review, deposits into the platform are free. Users need to add a crypto wallet or transfer BTC and DASH assets on the Vaultoro blockchain to make deposits.

When it comes to cryptocurrency withdrawals, Vaultoro offers competitive methods. Compared to Coinbase and Binance, this exchange does not charge any major network transaction fees during withdrawals.

Payment methods accepted by Vaultoro

The Vaultoro Exchange does not accept deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies. Payment methods accepted by the platform are crypto only. Users need to add crypto wallets or transfer BTC and DASH assets directly to their Vaultoro trading account. Investors who are new to the cryptocurrency space without any previous holdings cannot start trading here. The exchange is used exclusively for BTC/DASH payments. An entry-level exchange can be used to purchase these crypto assets and transfer them directly to Vaultoro.

Vaultoro . trading platform

The Vaultoro trading platform is simple and designed with the latest trading tools. The control panel of the web application is instinctive, which is why traders can easily navigate and switch between order books and account statements. The features are aligned correctly on the platforms so that people can make instant trades and complete the learning curve within seconds.

Vaultoro Review - Vaultoro Trading AdvantagesVaultoro Review – Vaultoro Trading Advantages

Vaultoro التداول Trading Tools

Vaultoro has integrated the Coinigy platform to enable advanced trading tools for BTC/Gold investors. Coinigy Tools helps Bitcoin enthusiasts in Vaultoro become expert traders. These tools facilitate access to gold assets and help Vaultoro clients diversify their investment portfolios. These tools are widely accepted by other exchanges and partnerships platforms.

Professional crypto gold trading tools are now available for new Vaultoro users, helping them to become an experienced trader in a short period of time. These tools are developed with real-time market determinants and technical analysis features that provide trading insights with charts.

Vaultoro . Referral Program

The Vaultoro referral program is a great offer through this exchange. This software improves payments and earnings for users who provide referrals:-

  • A 5% trading fee is charged to those who refer new users for 2 years.
  • Users who add high volume investors through this program are deducted 20% from the trading fee.
  • Each user gets ½ gram of gold for free after adding the first referral; However, this is only a one-time payment.

Vaultoro Review - Vaultoro Referral ProgramVaultoro Review – Vaultoro Referral Program

Security and Privacy Vaultoro

To operate gold storage, Vaultoro’s security operations are robust. The company attaches the utmost importance to its data protection protocols. It uses advanced blockchain encryption, which is not only a great security measure, but also improves the reliability of the exchange. The Vaultoro website clearly states that a very small percentage of Bitcoins holdings are stored in hot wallets. The majority of assets are stored in cold crypto hardware wallets. Two-factor authentication (2FA) also ensures that these wallets are fully protected.

Vaultoro Review - Vaultoro Security & PrivacyVaultoro Review – Vaultoro Security & Privacy

Vaultoro Customer Support

This Vaultoro review finds Vaultoro’s customer support satisfactory. On Twitter, the exchange is active with the “Vaultoro” handle. Similarly, the exchange operates its official Facebook and Reddit page. The best way to reach customer support is via an email address, [email protected] Customers can also call 0220 44203697 for immediate assistance.

Vaultoro Review - Vaultoro Customer SupportVaultoro Review – Vaultoro Customer Support

Vaultoro Review: Conclusion

All things considered, Vaultoro Cryptocurrency exchange review Bringing a new concept to cryptocurrency traders. Emphasizes the process of getting gold with Bitcoin. This new idea makes Vaultoro a sought-after trading platform in the cryptocurrency space. It is the best place to trade bitcoin/gold pairs. The technical and fundamental analysis tools provided by the exchange make trading Bitcoin/Gold easier and more profitable than people expect. In this way, Vaultoro demonstrates how to make money by pairing the volatility of cryptocurrencies with the precious metals markets and creating a high-value store.

questions and answers

How safe is Vaultoro?

Vaultoro maintains high standards of security and user transparency. The gold held by its customers is completely safe. It is present in physical form in Swiss safes. Vaultoro coin price movements are also securely monitored, which helps its clients to withdraw their funds as they wish.

Is Vaultoro legitimate and regulated?

Although Vaultoro is not a regulated cryptocurrency exchange, Vaultoro is a UK registered corporate entity that makes Vaultoro legit and it is definitely not a scam.

Is Vaultoro safe?


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