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Mozilla stops accepting Crypto donations after criticism from users

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We’ve seen a ridiculous amount of unwanted features sneak into Microsoft Edge lately. Now, it’s time to talk about Mozilla’s decision regarding crypto donations.

Towards the end of 2021, the Mozilla Foundation posted on Twitter that it was accepting cryptocurrency donations to fund the development of the browser.

no, not this! Not you! This was my reaction. As a Firefox fan, I was bothered by the decision. Look at Microsoft Edge and its recent controversies, Chrome and its anti-ad blocking stance, or Brave and its wallet/cryptocurrency stuff. This is the time for Mozilla to take advantage of and win over Firefox users. Instead, you go and do this, to annoy the users.

Several users raised their voices against Mozilla’s statement, saying that this was not a good idea. It included Likes Jamie Zawinsky, founder of Mozilla, and Peter Lins, founder of Gecko.

Users react to Mozilla accepting crypto donations

Mozilla stops accepting Crypto donations after criticism from users

Reverse Mozilla Encryption Resolution

A few days after the initial announcement, Mozilla backed by of fiasco, and confirmed that she was reviewing how crypto donations fit into her climate goals. The option to donate cryptocurrency has been discontinued, technically paused. The new statement states that the company intends to explore the idea of ​​decentralized web technology, and that in the spirit of open source, the process will be transparent and users will be updated regularly about the process.

For those who are not familiar with how cryptocurrencies work, these digital currencies are powered by block chains. Blockchains consist of users, more precisely, their computers. It is similar to a P2P file sharing network, except that the encryption relies on heavy algorithms, which means that the CPU alone is not enough for this task. A graphics card is required to calculate and validate transactions made within the blockchain. When the computer is running at maximum capacity i.e. 100% usage, the fans will start buzzing trying to maintain the optimum operating temperature.

Imagine if the system was working non-stop for cryptocurrency mining, fans of the system would not be enough to deal with this problem. You will need an air conditioner to cool the computer, and since the encryption process runs 24/7, both the computer and the air conditioner will need to be running continuously. This ends up using a lot of electricity, which is not good for the environment.

Global warming is no joke, TechCrunch reports that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin use more energy than some countries. Here is an article from a year ago, outlining Mozilla’s climate commitments, someone needs to read before making those decisions, right?

Some of you might think, what a big problem with Mozilla accepting crypto donations. There are other issues related to cryptocurrencies, such as the emergence of malware, ransomware, tax evasion, inflation, etc. NFTs are also part of this volatile ecosystem, which you may be aware of has seen a huge amount of growth in 2021. How much How many cryptocurrencies really decentralized? Most of these look like scams, while someone wins.

As if these reasons aren’t enough to hate cryptocurrencies, there is also the fact that they are causing a massive shortage of graphics cards because people who mine cryptocurrency are hoarding GPUs. As a result, resellers/vendors are raising the price of the GPUs to get a cut in the money fever. The sad part is that, the people who really need graphics cards i.e. gamers and graphic designers, can’t get the product because either they are out of stock, or they simply can’t afford the high asking price. There are people who invested in these currencies, and eventually lost their money.

All things considered, it is no surprise that when Mozilla announced that it was accepting Crypto donations, users attacked it. It is interesting that the company said that climate concerns raised by users influenced their decision, but many users were already concerned about the nature of cryptocurrencies.

This whole thing seems really weird and not well thought out. If anything, this is a PR disaster. It seems that someone at Mozilla was watching the rise of cryptocurrency and NFTs, and decided that it was time to take advantage of them, without thinking about how it might affect users. Was this a social experiment? If the majority of users agree with our decision, we will move forward, but if they do not agree, we will pretend that nothing happened?

The backlash for that was well deserved. Kudos to the community for making Mozilla reverse its decision. There are other ways for an organization to make money, through their VPN, treat it with Google (as the default search provider).


Mozilla stops accepting Crypto donations after criticism from users

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Mozilla stops accepting Crypto donations after criticism from users


Mozilla, the maker of the popular open source browser, Firefox, has announced that it will no longer accept Crypto donations from users.




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