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Reddit’s Crypto Reward Upgrade now in the Offing

Reddit’s Crypto Reward Upgrade now in the Offing
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Popular social media platform Reddit has launched a waiting list that will see the expansion of its “Ethereum-based Community Points” token reward program.

Ethereum reward queue on Reddit

With this new queue, it will be possible for all subreddit on the platform to subscribe to this feature. The token reward is similar to the normal karma that users earn for their valuable contributions to the forum.

Community Points is still in its beta phase, and Reddit has warned users to be careful. Trading, selling or exchanging points is against the platform rule.

Users can modify Sign up for the waiting list To request that the Community Points feature be added to the subreddit as soon as the beta program goes live. In addition, all participating subreddits will be able to create “Private Memberships” that unlock more features for users with their points.

The beta program will also introduce “Weighted Polls,” a feature that gives a more prominent voice to users with higher Community Score who are usually the most active contributors to the community.

Reddit queue has its own website

Reddit has also released a file website For the new program, which explains everything the user needs to know about the points of the community and how it will work. In addition to this community points program, the social platform is also creating the NFT Marketplace.

Notably, the platform first launched this bounty program in December 2019 with an Ethereum-based token marked as ‘Donuts’ in the r/Ethrrader subreddit. It later expanded this to other communities in May 2020 with “Moons” for r/Cryptocurrency subreddit and “Bricks” for r/FortniteBR, all of which are on the Ethereum testnet.

Reddit isn’t the only social media site that implements an encryption feature on its platform. Other social media sites such as Twitter have introduced new encryption features to their sites in a growing sign of crypto adoption worldwide.

Discord also recently hinted that it could integrate support for crypto assets on its platform although this has met with fierce opposition from the site’s users.

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