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Someone Just Sent $32M In Ethereum Onto Binance

Someone Just Sent $32M In Ethereum Onto Binance
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What happened: An anonymous cryptocurrency wallet has seized $32,738,401 of Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) transferring its funds to Binance. The Ethereum wallet address associated with this transfer is identified as follows:


You can find more details about the deal here.

why does it matter: Usually, abnormally large cryptocurrency transfers from wallets to exchanges are a bearish signal. Most high net worth cryptocurrency traders keep their funds in hardware wallets, as these hardware offers better security than cryptocurrency exchanges. Hardware wallets store investors’ private keys offline, securing their digital assets from online hacking.

When whales transfer Ethereum to an exchange, it usually means that they are looking for liquidity. It is unlikely that the investor plans to hold his cryptocurrency on Binance, as the security risks of holding large amounts of cryptocurrency on the exchange are higher than holding these assets in a hardware wallet. It is possible that this bitcoin whale is either planning to sell Ethereum or trade it for other currencies.

price movement: Ethereum is down -10% in the last 24 hours.

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Public Blockchain Data Source From Whale Alerts on Twitter.

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