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Song Remains the Same for Crypto Exchange Apps
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In the cryptocurrency space, not much remains constant.

Certainly not the pricing of the digital editions themselves, as the price of bitcoin and other collectibles can change drastically, several percentage points, in a matter of minutes.

above? under?

Depends on when the “refresh” button was pressed.

Ah, but there are at least a few things that remain, if not expected, then constant in the latest rankings of cryptocurrency provider PYMNTS.

Steady as they go – a little

In the latest ranking of cryptocurrency exchange app providers, some things have remained constant from month to month.

Case in point: The tie for the top spot seen a month ago still stands, between Coinbase and, which is determined by the 100 scores each received.

Now, as then, Binance is in second place, with close to 98 points, followed by Voyager.

To avoid simply paraphrasing what has remained the same, it is worth noting what has changed.

Bitrue appears to be making progress in the top 10, having jumped 16 points since the last assessment to a score of 71 recently, and a new ranking of 11y spot. Conversely, Abra: Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet plunged 14 points, the largest drop, to fall at 50 degrees, making it 18 points.

Perhaps the only constant is … that there are no constants. Stay tuned for updated service provider ratings next month.


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