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The 9 Best True Crime Documentaries of 2022

The 9 Best True Crime Documentaries of 2022
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Calling all true crime buffs: a new year means a new slate of exciting documentaries and must-watch scripts. With new projects announced, we can see trends forming for what true crime themes will follow. For 2022, it’s all about scams, as the crime stories that caught our eye years ago (Summer ofsc, anyone?) are fleshed out in a series, illustrating everything we now know about what happened. For everyone eager to hear the full story of your favorite scammers, here are the 2022 true crime series and documentaries to watch out for.


Encourage It may be a sports documentary series, but the second season will include some true crime. The 2019 series Hit returns with more episodes acknowledging everything that has happened since its first airing, including the coronavirus pandemic that upended the world of professional cheerleading and allegations of sexual misconduct against burnout star Jerry Harris.

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