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The best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency apps for iPhone

The best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency apps for iPhone
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Bitcoin is not a new phenomenon (it was actually released in its most primitive form in 2009), but it might be new to you! Fortunately, although Bitcoin Water can be confusing and difficult to navigate, there are plenty of great Bitcoin apps for your iPhone to help you get started.

Why Bitcoin?

If you’re new to Bitcoin, you might want to look at some of the resources we’ve linked below to help you learn more about the three reasons why Bitcoin is so expensive:

  • why now?
  • Why everything?
  • Why Bitcoin?

Created after the 2008 financial crisis, Bitcoin was designed as a decentralized project that would allow a “ramp out” of traditional fiat currency. The popularity of Bitcoin continued to grow as it reached a new all-time high in November of 2021. With governments around the world continuing to print state-backed currency, many people are looking to Bitcoin as a store of value as inflation continues to soar. If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, here are some of my favorite books and podcasts to get in touch with technology.

  1. Bitcoin Standard
  2. Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t Handle: Why Bitcoin Will Be the Next Global Reserve Currency
  3. Fiat Standard
  4. Saylor Series – YouTube
  5. What did bitcoin do podcast?
  6. layers of money
  7. war of scale
  8. Bomb Podcast
  9. Unchained Capital YouTube
  10. swan bitcoin youtube
  11. audible bitcoin
  12. Queen Stories Podcast
  13. Standard Bitcoin Podcast

I am a big believer in Bitcoin and I found the above resources really helpful for learning more about why Bitcoin is so important, what problems it solves, and how secure it is.

Best Bitcoin Only Apps on iPhone

One of the important things to know about the Bitcoin space is that there are different factions of belief systems about what these cryptocurrencies are and what their purpose is. Some people believe that Bitcoin is the only worthwhile project in the entire crypto space, while others assert that Bitcoin is the most important but others like Ethereum have their place, yet others believe that non-Bitcoin projects like Ethereum or even Dogecoin better Bitcoin in every way.

For this reason, there is a gap in the applications and services offered in the bitcoin world. Many old players – such as Coinbase – frame themselves as “cryptocurrency” applications. They are generally open to the possibility that non-Bitcoin coins and blockchains will be as valuable or meaningful (or even more in the future) as Bitcoin. Others prefer to stick to the leader in the space, and are generally proponents of the idea that bitcoin will “win.” Here is a list of some of the best bitcoin-only apps.

Swan Bitcoin

My personal favorite that only uses Bitcoin is Swan Bitcoin. It’s not available in the App Store yet, but they have a great web app that works well. Once you set it up, you rarely log into it anyway.

The best thing about Swan is that the people behind it really understand Bitcoin. They understand what it is, why it is used, and what it can be. And they understand why the vast majority of blockchain projects in the space are unsuccessful. It’s a common mistake that early entrants into the Bitcoin space look for something other than Bitcoin at first because it seems “cheaper”.

From the first day you set up your Swan Bitcoin account, you will be informed about the process of calculating the average dollar cost. This is the most practical way for bitcoin enthusiasts to start accumulating digital assets, and with Swan, you can watch it grow over time into something great. I buy Bitcoin every Monday with Swan as it is automatically minted from my bank account.

Also, if you are interested in placing large amounts of money, Swan Bitcoin will allow you to transfer up to $10 million.

ab cash

Bitcoin for cash app

Cash is one of the easiest ways for most people to buy bitcoin. It has some of the lowest consumer-facing Bitcoin exchange fees, and most people already have a Cash App account. Additionally, you can buy and sell bitcoin in the app without having to fill in any additional information beyond the basic Cash app requirements – that is, unless you want to withdraw your bitcoin to a hardware wallet, send it to an exchange, or send it to someone else.

It also lets you set automatic purchases over time, which is definitely a smart technology for anyone entering bitcoin for the first time. Pick a small amount, set a time frame (weekly, monthly, etc.), set it, and forget about it.

He hits

Strike is one of the simplest apps out there. It’s integrated with Twitter for the social network’s new tipping service, but it’s also a free way to buy bitcoin. Strike also makes it easy to send money anywhere in the world via the Bitcoin network and then automatically convert it to the local currency as soon as it arrives. Strike also makes it easy to get paid in bitcoin from your employer.

Strike gives you the bank account information (routing and account number), and you set up the percentage of your salary you want in bitcoin to US dollars. Overall, it is an easy to use app to send money or buy some bitcoin quickly.

If you join using my referral link, you will get $5 to get started. Strike also makes it easy to send Bitcoin to a hardware wallet as you want to keep your Bitcoin.

financial river

Bitcoin river money

River Financial – as indicated by its name and logo among other things – is trying to position itself as a white-glove service of sorts for Bitcoin buyers who may have deeper wallets. Like other services, it’s just a place to buy Bitcoin, so there isn’t much that could be unique, right? River is promoting human customer service, first-class security, and the adoption of bitcoin technologies such as the Lightning Network.

a house

casa bitcoin app on iPhone

Casa is another app that you can download on iOS which is Bitcoin-first and bitcoin only. Like other services, Casa allows you to buy bitcoin. Nothing amazing about it, really. But what Casa does differently is that it is one of the few services that offer what are known as multi-signature wallets. These wallets come at a cost – usually a monthly subscription – but provide additional security by requiring multiple private keys to access the funds. This means that no one can access your bitcoin without access to at least two of the following: the cold storage key as part of a hardware wallet, the key in your phone, and the key controlled by Casa.


Fold Bitcoin App on iPhone

While the Cash App, River, and Casa all allow you to buy and hold your Bitcoin, there are other Bitcoin apps available for iOS that are great additions to the Bitcoin portfolio. Fold is one such feature – it allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards just by making purchases through their services. Currently, you can earn satoshis – divisible parts of Bitcoin – by purchasing gift cards or using their debit card.

blue wallet

Bitcoin Blue Wallet App

If you are not already familiar, there are many ways to store and secure your bitcoins. You can keep it on an exchange like Coinbase, Cash App, or others, but many users prefer the security that comes with controlling their coins. Blue Wallet is one of the best options for that. It is widely considered one of the best wallets by the Bitcoin-only community, mainly because it is a Bitcoin-only wallet and supports technologies like Lightning, which can allow you to send Bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper.

Bitcoin and Other Cool Cryptocurrency Apps for iPhone

While the Bitcoin ecosystem is solid, there are certainly reputable apps and services available out of this box. Some of these are actually the most popular applications in the space.


Okcoin is a fan favorite for buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on iPhone, iPad, and on the web. It has some of the lowest fees on the market. Okcoin makes it easy to set up automatic purchases, earn interest, and also transfer to your hardware wallet when the time is right.

One of the things I’ve noticed when creating a new account is how much focus is on company security when it comes to account security. When I was configuring my account, I was given the option to set up multiple passwords to ensure my accounts couldn’t be filtered if someone had access to my password. If you sign up with my referral link, you will get $50 when you buy $100 worth of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The CEO of the company recently appeared on the Coin Stories Podcast, and found the discussion fascinating.

Queen Piece

coinbase bitcoin app on iPhone

Coinbase is perhaps the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Unlike many cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase does its best to comply with all US regulations and is therefore entirely banking – which is easier to use if you buy your bitcoin with US dollars transferred from a US bank account. Its fees are not as low as the Cash app or some other services like Swan Bitcoin, but it is one of the exchanges that I would feel more secure while holding decent amounts of Bitcoin. If you have any physical assets on Coinbase, take advantage of the Coinbase Vault for timed withdrawals – and of course use multi-factor authentication.


Exodus came on the scene a few years ago with the goal of being an all-in-one hot wallet (a wallet with an internet connection but still being able to control your private keys) for all cryptocurrencies. The team behind Exodus tries to support as many different assets as possible, and they certainly maintain a degree of quality control – only assets that deserve to be out there and meet their criteria end up on the list. They also have great customer service for free, which is relatively rare with wallets in this category. Most of all, its design and UX don’t block anything. It’s actually designed for the Apple devices it’s working on.


BlockFi is a unique service. If you’ve ever considered borrowing US dollars while using bitcoin as collateral seemed like a good idea, then BlockFi is for you – because that’s exactly what they offer. The service is also one of the only places where you can store your bitcoins and earn interest. Never trust another custodian of your coins, but there aren’t many places that give you bitcoin to keep — and lend — your bitcoins.

Personally, I use the BlockFi Visa Card to earn bitcoin rewards for every transaction I make. At the end of the month, I pulled it to my hardware wallet to take my bitcoin.


Gemini is another popular place to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I’ve been a customer for over a year, and it has a really easy to understand interface, which makes it easy to set up repeat purchases, earn small amounts of interest on your bitcoins and other tokens, and more.

Gemini was started by the Winklevoss brothers who were at the center of the Facebook trial portrayed in the movie The Social Network. In fact, it was an interview with the Winklevoss brothers that prompted me to start researching Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallets That Work With Macs, iPhones, etc.

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