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Tim Allen to Reprise Role for Disney+ Series

Tim Allen to Reprise Role for Disney+ Series
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Santa (Tim Allen) and his son sitting in the snow in Santa Claus.

The ’90s are back and so is Tim Allen in Santa Claus.
picture: Disney

three Santa Clause Movies It just wasn’t enough. Now, nearly two decades after the release of the third edition, Disney is bringing back the holiday comics have Disney + limited series. Tim Allen will reprise his role Like Santa in a story where he’s looking for a new Santa to pass the sleigh as well.

the first Santa Clause It was released in 1994 and was about a man named Scott Calvin (Allen) who accidentally kills Santa and is brought to the North Pole – where he discovers that “Contractually obligated to take on this role. Hence, tIt is Santa Claus “item”. At first he hated it, but eventually he embraced it new role, Which only strengthens his relationship with his children. Two series were released in 2002 and 2006 to taper off the scores, adding new twists and turning into Santa traditions.

The new limited series is now picking up. Scott is in his 60s, he’s not as good as Santa Claus as he used to be, and as his family gets older, he realizes he needs to rebalance them. So he set out to strive to be a better father and find a new Santa Claus.

Jacques Burdett, who worked on it 30 Rock, Modern Family, Freezer, And Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, He is the showrunner and executive producer. Filming begins in March. or not movie characters (played by the likes David Krumholtz, Aisha Tyler, Kevin Pollack, Judge Reinhold, etc.) Will return not clear. But Allen is clearly the biggest name and a star, so if he does come back, it’s likely Disney is looking to bring back as many characters as possible to keep the series in line with the movies. Which, frankly, is better-From-Average Christmas Movies. while the The second one is not as good as the first, lovable allen Every man’s personality mixed with Disney magic has always been a powerful blend.

No word on when Santa Clause It will be on the streaming device, but if production starts in March, it’s likely will the studio Try it out for the holiday season.

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