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To the moon! Cryptocurrency was the most popular Reddit topic this year

To the moon! Cryptocurrency was the most popular Reddit topic this year
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While Reddit hosts over 430 million monthly active users in over 100,000 communities discussing everything under the sun, one financial topic has been cutting the conversation online this year: Cryptocurrency.

The massive social network Reddit dropped Recap 2021 this week, which collects the most popular posts, topics and conversations on its platform over the past year. Cryptocurrency was the most popular topic on Reddit in 2021, with people mentioning “cryptocurrency” 6.6 million times. There are also more than 500 cryptocurrency communities on Reddit, and the five most popular this year are r/dogecoin, r/superstonk, r/cryptocurrency, r/amcstock and r/bitcoin.

Most Viewed Topics of 2021 on Reddit
  1. Cryptocurrency

  2. the games

  3. Sports

  4. wedding parties

  5. Health and fitness

  6. Food and drink

  7. Movies and TV

Cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin DOGEUSD,
Ethereum ETHUSD,
And Shiba Inu also topped Google for 2021 in search, which owns Alphabet-owned GOOGL,
+ 0.93%
The search engine was released this week. “Dogecoin” and “Ethereum price” landed in the top 10 news stories on Google in the past year, both in the US and around the world. The top two Google searches for “where to buy” were “Where to buy Dogecoin?” and “Where do you buy the Shaybah?”

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What’s more, a recent survey on found that pet owners call their dogs “Doge” and their cats “Bitcoin.”

A group of cryptocurrency investors called ConstitutionDAO attempted to make history last month by crowdfunding more than $40 million to bid on a rare copy of the US Constitution. Sadly, it lost out to Citadel founder Ken Griffin, who spent $43.2 million on the landmark document.

Reddit notes that the rise of retail and crypto investors looking to manipulate the system has had a real impact, such as GameStop GME,
+ 1.57%
Short squeeze in January. maybe. A year-end Reddit report credits Redditors with being “real-world catalysts for change” over the past year.

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“From r/wallstreetbets and the collapse of One Simple Wish, to the Battle of the Joshes, in 2021, the most notable moments on Reddit were when reddit took their comments, comrades, conversations, and more URL to IRL,” the Reddit team wrote in a blog post.

A Reddit review at the end of the year indicates that users created 366 million posts over the past year, which is a 19% year-over-year increase. As of November 9, 2021, Reddit has attracted over 2.3 billion comments and 46 billion upvotes; Also known as when users show their approval of a post by clicking the ‘up’ arrow, which pushes the post towards the top of the site so more people can see it.

The three most voted Reddit posts of the year came from retail investors on WallStreetBets, and the Superstonk page (which describes itself as specifically discussing the GameStop stock) saw a 917K increase in subscribers year over year.

Those eager to learn more about the sometimes volatile world of meme stocks can check out MarketWatch’s MemeMoney column and YouTube’s weekly MemeMarkets videos. Or stay up to date with cryptocurrency market news here.

And amid the “Great Resignation,” the r/antiwork subreddit has exploded. The number of “unemployed” (also known as members) in this community of “those who want to quit work, are curious about quitting, want to get the most out of a life without work, want more information about anti-work ideas and want to get Personal information Help with their job/work-related suffering” is up 279% this year.

This video highlights the “weird items and merchandise” discussed on Reddit this year, such as meme stocks like AMC AMC,
and GameStop, supply chain issues, the billionaire space race and the Netflix NFLX hack,
Hit the “Squid game.”

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