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Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps in India

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps in India
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These cryptocurrency exchange apps in India will help you in trading cryptocurrency.

We all know the cryptocurrency boosted last year, which is still continuing to grow this year as well. India’s Supreme Court’s ban on cryptocurrency has given rise to much-needed uproar and adoption. If this hype has made you think and invest in cryptocurrencies, you must know the cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of cryptocurrency exchange apps in India, through which you can easily trade your favorite and popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

We have shortlisted the best of them to help you start trading cryptocurrency right away. Here are the top 5 cryptocurrency trading apps in India.


WazirX App was launched in 2017, and is established in Mumbai, India. However, a few years later, it was acquired by Binance Holdings – considered the best cryptocurrency trading app in terms of trading volume.

Withdrawing and depositing INR-based capital is very easy and fast with WazirX. Another key feature of the crypto exchange WazirX is its user-friendly interface that helps non-techies to navigate the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies using the Live Open Order Book system. It also has integrated charting tools, which helps people analyze prices, trends and historical data.

What sets WazirX Exchange apart is its integrated P2P transaction engine with Binance’s Fiat Gateway platform, available on both Android and iOS devices. What then? On WazirX, you can buy and sell up to 70 cryptocurrencies. Withdrawal fees range from 5-10 rupees, depending on how you withdraw the funds.


Zebpay is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore, and was founded in 2015. Its Indian operations are carried out from Ahemdabad. However, it has had to shut down its Indian operations due to the ban on cryptocurrency in India. However, he returned to the market in 2020 after hearing from SC about the RBI ban on cryptocurrency.

3 million registered users of Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange So far, this cryptocurrency exchange platform is considered the most credible. Sophisticated security features and low transaction fees make the platform worthy enough. Zebpay app allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency with literally no trading fees across 130 countries. Today Zebpay offers six cryptocurrencies and 15 trading pairs.


Unocoin is a leading crypto and blockchain asset serving millions of customers. This cryptocurrency app democratizes bitcoins for Indians. So, if you buy and sell crypto assets in Indian Rupees, you will definitely earn.

Features that contribute to this popularity are low transaction fees, live price tracker, unified wallet for all crypto holdings, etc. Furthermore, you can even automate your Bitcoin purchase by setting the frequency and amount. Get some free bitcoins when you refer your friends. Go point now!

With Unocoin, you can do mobile and DTH recharge with Bitcoins as well as subscribe to cryptocurrencies.


The CoinSwitchKuber app is known for its simplicity and stability when it comes to cryptocurrency trading in India. Users can access aggregated liquidity of major cryptocurrency exchanges in India to get the best deal. You can trade instantly once you have set up your account using the app.

The clear interface that this app offers is what people love about it. It ensures a smooth user experience, which helps to gain more trust among the Indian users. It is intended for both beginners and advanced traders.


This crypto exchange app is one of the growing startups in the crypto field in India, which is known for its security features. CoinDCX guarantees instant cryptocurrency transfer, and that too without fees. CoinDCX aims to provide users with easy access to a variety of financial products and services. Moreover, they are all backed by advanced security processes and security protections.

This platform launched its own product – Insta, which allows buying and selling cryptocurrencies. The product has also grown tremendously around 38% month over month between 2018-2020.

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