If you want to track your workouts and sleep, you can do this with a Samsung smartwatch. There are two ways to do so: by pressing the ‘Home’ button on the watch and’swiping’ from left to right. But which of these methods is best? Let’s take a closer look at both. If you’re thinking of buying a Samsung smartwatch, you’re probably wondering what the differences are between the two.

‘Home’ button on samsung smartwatch

When you use your Samsung smartwatch, you might wonder how you can switch the default function of the ‘Home’ button. It is actually easy to do so, especially if you’re not familiar with the settings for the ‘Home’ button. Supported models offer two ways to change the ‘Home’ button. One is to double-click the button to switch to the previous app and the other is to long-press it to open a specific app.

One solution to the ‘Home’ button glitch is to simultaneously press the ‘Back’ and ‘Home’ buttons. If these don’t work, you can try holding the Home button for long enough to reboot the device. You can also set the display timeout to the factory value. In any case, it’s a software bug and not a hardware problem. In such a case, a Samsung smartwatch app is a good choice.

Unlike other smartwatches, the Samsung watch allows you to customize its buttons. You can change the ‘Home’ button to another one – for example, a ‘Back’ button will take you to multitasking. Changing the ‘Home’ button to a ‘Home’ button will help you to quickly get to your favorite app. If you want to customize the ‘Home’ button, you can do so by going to the ‘Advanced’ features menu.

‘Swipe’ from left to right on samsung smartwatch

To access notifications and open apps, users can swipe from left to right on their Samsung smartwatch. Unlike Android Wear, Samsung does not have the Google Discover screen on its smartwatch. This is good news for older Samsung smartwatch owners because they will already be familiar with how to use it. Swiping from left to right on a Samsung smartwatch has several advantages. For starters, it allows you to open many more apps than the Google Wear app. And since it’s very easy to use, it will take very little time to learn the new Wear OS.

You can use this feature to track your sleep. The Samsung Health app records your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. However, the results aren’t as accurate as Fitbit’s. While it’s nice to know how much of your body is made of fat, the BMI is not an accurate measurement. Samsung’s bioelectric impedance sensor is a more accurate measure of your body fat content than the BMI. It’s not a diagnostic tool, but it’s good for tracking trends.

To send a SOS message, simply use the SOS button on your Samsung smartwatch. The SOS button is located on the right side. Swiping from left to right on Samsung smartwatch opens the Wearable Store. There are more options than you’ll find on other smartwatches. The app has many options for quick reply messages and notifications. It even has voice-to-text functionality.

Sleep tracking

The sleep tracking functionality on the Samsung smartwatch can be configured using the Health app. If you have an S-watch, you can configure the Sleep tracking function to record snoring data. The watch can be programmed to record data every 31 or 100 minutes, or deleted after seven days. You can even use a mobile phone to set the sleep target, or manually record data as you go to bed. The Samsung Health app allows you to see whether your sleep is normal.

You can also set your watch to monitor different stages of sleep, including deep sleep and REM sleep. You can also adjust the waking time if you need to. A Samsung wearable sleep tracker is a great way to monitor your sleep and determine if it’s time for an adjustment. If you’re interested in using a Samsung smartwatch, there are some tips that you can follow to get the most out of it.

One of the most frustrating features of the Galaxy Watch 4 is that it does not record deep sleep data correctly, even if it’s in the “deep” category. The Galaxy Watch 4’s sensors may be too loose, meaning they don’t make contact with your wrist skin while you sleep. To avoid this issue, try placing the smartwatch on your wrist slightly above the wrist bone. Then, it will be more accurate.

Workout tracking

If you’re looking for a Samsung smartwatch that can track your workouts, there are several options available. Samsung has partnered with Life Fitness to make its Galaxy Watch compatible with its cardio equipment. You can connect your Galaxy Watch to the Discover SE3 HD or the Cybex R Series 70T console to access workout data. Other compatible cardio equipment includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, arc trainers, and recumbent and upright bikes.

If you’re interested in keeping track of your workouts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the perfect solution. The smartwatch records your heart rate and other vital signs during and after an exercise. Samsung’s Health app syncs with the watch so you’ll know exactly how much you’ve exercised. You can also view the workout data on your Galaxy Watch’s screen or a Samsung smart TV. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be at the gym – you can use it at home too!

The Samsung smartwatch is currently the biggest name in the smartwatch market, but there are other great options available. If you don’t have much money to spend, the Galaxy Fit 2 is a great entry-level smartwatch. If you’re looking for a more robust device, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are excellent choices. Both of these wearables have more premium features, including rotating bezels and higher-end materials.


While many Samsung smartwatch apps are free, some require a premium subscription. Spotify and Strava are two such free apps, but you can also get the paid version to access all of your favorite music. Both apps will help you track your physical activity and give you a more complete picture of every activity. Samsung has its own health apps, as well, but you can always use those to supplement the ones that are included. We’ve outlined some of the most popular Samsung smartwatch apps.

Candy crush has long passed, but new users can find a more enjoyable version with the Monster Vampire app. In this game, you must collect pumpkins and eat them to stay alive. The bezel will help guide you along the way. If you have a Galaxy Watch 4, you can also download SmartThings for Android, which lets you control various devices from your watch. This app is also great for making custom scenes and routines.

SmartThings is a must-have for Samsung smartwatch owners. Besides letting you control compatible smart home devices, this app allows you to do many more with your smartwatch. From switching on lights to starting a load of laundry, you can even see who is at the door and start a shower by simply using the app on your watch. The possibilities are endless. Using SmartThings, your Galaxy Watch can now function as your personal command center.


While the prices of the Samsung smartwatches vary, the company continues to offer great deals on its products. The latest models, like the Galaxy Watch Active 2, offer more advanced monitoring features and cost less than the originals. While both models offer health tracking features, the active models are more lightweight and offer more options for fitness tracking. While the Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a better deal overall, both models offer good value for the price. The prices of both watches start at around $199.

The best times to buy a Samsung smartwatch are usually around major sales events, such as big holiday weekends, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Amazon often has a special sale around Prime Day, and other retailers often get in on the action. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the traditional shopping days, so these are also great times to buy a Samsung smartwatch. If you’re interested in purchasing one, remember that prices will vary by region.

The Samsung smartwatch is a great addition to the wearable technology world. It brings everything to your wrist, allowing you to do simple tasks like turning the lights on and off, listening to music, and tracking your fitness. As an added bonus, the device also offers great battery life. Samsung smartwatches are also water-resistant and come with various strap types. Depending on your needs, you’re bound to find the right smartwatch for your lifestyle.

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