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Want safe returns with passive exposure to crypto? You can try this

Want safe returns with passive exposure to crypto? You can try this
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New Delhi: India’s first crypto investment app,, offers a diversification of crypto funds with returns of up to 13% per annum without any lock-up period or transaction fees.
Started by the former CRED team, opened an “early access” queue to 25,000 customers to invest in simple rupee deposits, which are then converted into a variety of revenue-generating cryptocurrencies. Since it is an investment without restrictions, users can withdraw their funds at any time without any fees. The company has already received in two days subscriptions from more than 10,000 users.
The startup converts fiat money into stablecoins and lends to institutions with collateral to generate returns. Investments in cryptocurrencies pegged to the US dollar are held.
How is this work?
First of all, will have a minimum investment size of Rs 10,000, which will later be reduced to Rs 5,000. Your rupee investment will currently be invested in only three stable cryptocurrencies namely Tether, US Dollar and TerraUSD UST which are usually free from price fluctuations. They will not charge a fee for investing your money, nor will they impose a lock-up period.
The startup is taking your investments to the next level by using these stablecoins to lend to borrowing institutions like hedge funds or stock exchanges in India so far.
The idea behind the investment is to ensure a better return than say a mutual fund, which is usually intended to give users a return of between 10 and 11 percent.
“We came to that figure of 13 percent after doing extensive market research. Since a 12 percent return is what a top performing asset can give you, we have a promise not even paid back at 13%. Naturally, we will lend at rates above 13 percent. For institutional borrowers: Currently, many traders are doing this, but no one has yet packaged this product, says co-founder Anshu Agrawal.
But what about SEBI and the uncertainty about the crypto bill?
Since cryptocurrencies are not yet defined as an asset class, we have not yet covered them by market regulator Sebi. These investments are still in the gray area. “Although there are no rules defining cryptocurrency investments, we are authorizing banks and KYCs to invest with us. And when there is more clarity on the regulations on cryptocurrency, we will comply,” Agrawal said.
What is the need for such a product?
“We have found that seasoned investors are not comfortable gambling in the cryptocurrency market. They need passive exposure to cryptocurrencies that can provide high returns with low risk without market volatility. With Flint, they can now enjoy the benefits of the crypto markets but with the convenience of low-risk investments.” , says co-founder Akshit Purdia, who was previously the business and product manager at CRED.
the target audience?
Flint targets nearly 500 million users globally who are curious about cryptocurrency and have idle cash or stablecoins, and are striving for higher returns than traditional options. “The best part is that Flint achieves all of this for our users without having to break their heads in active crypto trading or price movements. Our long-term vision is to become the primary cryptocurrency generation app around the world,” Agrawal said. High and stable on their money as well as crypto assets in the same place.”
Flint is looking to enroll users in the 25-40 age group in Tier 1 cities who are already comfortable with mutual fund investments and are looking to diversify their fortunes into cryptocurrencies without much effort.
Is this the first such product?
Although market regulator Sebi has stated that it does not want mutual funds to offer new fund offerings based on crypto assets until the government announces crypto-specific regulations, this is not the first product of its kind to hit the market. In October 2021, crypto asset management platform Mudrex launched coin collections to allow investors to invest in a variety of crypto products similar to mutual funds.
Coinsets are packages of cryptocurrencies based on a theme that are actively managed by experts. For example, the Crypto Blue Chip theme invests in the top 5 crypto assets measured by market cap, while New Crypto Stars includes 10 most promising coins weighed by market cap.


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