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What is the best Bitcoin wallet UK 2022?

What is the best Bitcoin wallet UK 2022?
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Cryptocurrency investors are searching for the best UK Bitcoin wallet for crypto investment

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin in the UK – you will need to have a highly rated wallet at your disposal.

The best wallets on the market not only allow you to keep your Bitcoin – they also come packed with exchange services and other useful tools.

In this article, we discuss the best Bitcoin wallets in the UK and show you how to get set up in less than five minutes.

Bitcoin wallet in 2022

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Best UK Bitcoin Wallets List

Below you will find a list of the best Bitcoin wallets in the UK right now.

  1. eToro . wallet Best UK Bitcoin Wallet Overall
  2. Binance – British Bitcoin wallet packed with features and tools
  3. the moon Best bitcoin wallet for the first time
  4. Hopi Bitcoin wallet with access to hundreds of markets
  5. Byte – Popular Bitcoin wallet backed by a leading exchange
  6. Queen Piece Great Bitcoin wallet for beginners
  7. fashion app – A secure cryptocurrency wallet to store bitcoin
  8. Coingar – A simple crypto wallet that allows you to buy and sell bitcoin
  9. Zingo – User-friendly Bitcoin wallet with easy setup
  10. Queen Corner – Quick and easy way to buy and store crypto

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Scroll down to read our reviews of the Bitcoin wallets listed above.

What is the best bitcoin wallet uk?

In this section of our article, you will find a detailed review of the best Bitcoin wallet in the UK market.

We’ve covered a whole host of important metrics when looking for the best wallet providers – like security, fees, supported coins, and ease of use.

1. eToro Money Crypto Wallet – Best Overall Bitcoin Wallet UK

Bitcoin wallet in 2022

We found the eToro Money Crypto Wallet to be the overall better choice in the UK market. This popular portfolio is backed by a leading brokerage firm that is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The wallet itself is licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Services Authority (GFSC), so you can be sure that your Bitcoin tokens are kept safe at all times. In addition to Bitcoin, the eToro Money Crypto wallet also allows you to store a lot of other digital currencies.

Bitcoin wallet in 2022

You can also use the wallet to exchange 500 crypto pairs. The eToro Money Crypto Wallet comes in the form of a mobile app – compatible with both iOS and Android. You can use the app to buy cryptocurrency in the UK using a debit/credit card, bank transfer or e-wallet such as Paypal.

This means that you can facilitate all your digital currency needs through a single platform. What we also love about the eToro Money Crypto Wallet is that it has been designed with beginners in mind. For example, if you lose or forget your private keys, the eToro team can help you regain access to your wallet.

The process of accessing your Bitcoin wallet with eToro is seamless, and we will explain it in detail below:

Step 1: Open an eToro Crypto Account

Head to the eToro website via a desktop or mobile browser. After clicking Join Now, follow the on-screen instructions by entering your personal information.

Bitcoin wallet in 2022

Finally, upload a copy of your passport or driver’s license so that eToro can verify your identity. This is a requirement at eToro because the platform is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Step 2: Download eToro Money Crypto Wallet

Now that you have a verified account, you can proceed to download the eToro Money Crypto Wallet.

Bitcoin wallet in 2022

Next, open the app and log in with the username and password you created in the previous step.

Step 3: Deposit Funds/Cryptocurrencies

If you already have Bitcoin in another location, you can transfer tokens directly to the eToro Money Crypto Wallet.

If not, you can buy some Bitcoin directly in real time. Since you have already verified your identity, you can do so by depositing funds with a UK debit/credit card, e-wallet or bank account.

Bitcoin wallet in 2022

The minimum purchase amount is only $10 (about £7) and you only need to cover the spread.

Either way, once you have Bitcoin in your eToro Money Crypto wallet, you can hold the tokens securely until you are ready to withdraw them.

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How do bitcoin wallets work?

In simple terms, Bitcoin wallets allow you to store your digital tokens in a safe and secure manner. As we cover in more detail soon, Bitcoin wallets come in many different forms.

For example, while some prefer to download the Bitcoin wallet app to their mobile phone, others choose to install the software on their desktop.

However, the best UK cryptocurrency wallets also allow you to send and receive Bitcoin with the click of a button.

Bitcoin wallet types

As mentioned above, bitcoin wallets come in different forms, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Bitcoin software wallets

Most UK traders and investors will choose the Bitcoin software portfolio. This means that the wallet does not exist tangibly.

Conversely, in order to connect to the Bitcoin blockchain, you will need to download the software to a mobile phone or desktop device.

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Mobile vs desktop wallets

Unless you are looking to download the entire Bitcoin blockchain to your device, we suggest you stick to a mobile wallet.

This is the most convenient way to store, buy, sell and trade Bitcoin – no matter where you are.

For example, by downloading the eToro app – the UK’s best crypto wallet – you will have access to your Bitcoin tokens at all times. This means that you can send or receive encryption with the click of a button.

Bitcoin hardware wallets

Bitcoin wallets can also be purchased in hardware form. This is the most secure way to store Bitcoin in the UK.

When it comes to security, you will need to connect your Bitcoin hardware wallet to your desktop if you want to make a transaction.

Bitcoin paper wallets

Bitcoin paper wallets are a cost effective yet highly secure way to secure your digital currency. Simply put, you will get a wallet address and a private key from an online provider.

Then, when you transfer Bitcoin to your unique wallet address, you will write your private key on a piece of paper.

How to choose the best UK crypto wallet for you

When choosing the best UK crypto wallet for you, several key metrics must be considered.

Safety and Security

Aside from eToro, almost all Bitcoin wallets we have come across are unregulated. This means that if anything happens to your digital money, you will have nowhere to turn.

This is why we argue that the eToro Money Crypto Wallet is the best option on the market.


You also need to check the fees the provider charges in your search for the best UK crypto wallet. This includes fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, as well as in-app exchanges.

User Experience

If you are a complete beginner in the world of digital currencies, it is best to choose a Bitcoin wallet that offers a great user experience.

Supported currencies

Many bitcoin investors own alternative digital currencies. If this sounds like you, it is best to choose a wallet that supports all of your digital asset holdings.

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What is the best bitcoin wallet uk?

After analyzing all the available options, we can tell you that the eToro wallet is the safest and the best Bitcoin wallet in the UK.

Since we found the eToro Money Crypto Wallet to be the best choice in the UK market, eToro is also one of the best choices around the world for investors. They have already counted with more than 10 million users worldwide and this number is growing every month.

Since they are regulated by the FCA, CySec and other regulatory offices, you can be sure that you will be able to buy and store Bitcoin securely in your eToroBitcoin wallet.

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In short, the best UK Bitcoin wallets should be safe, convenient and cost-effective.

You also need to consider whether you want to store your Bitcoin via a mobile, desktop, or hardware wallet.

We found that eToro offers the best overall Bitcoin wallet in the UK with its iOS and Android app.

This organized wallet not only allows you to store Bitcoin and piles of other cryptocurrencies, but you can also buy and sell digital assets with the click of a button.

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questions and answers

How do I get a Bitcoin wallet in the UK?

You can download the eToro wallet to your mobile phone and then deposit Bitcoin instantly. The wallet is available on both iOS and Android devices.

What is the safest bitcoin wallet?

We found that eToro offers the UK’s most secure Bitcoin wallet – not least because the provider is regulated.

What is the best bitcoin wallet?

In terms of features, security, ease of use and supported tokens – we found the eToro app to be the best Bitcoin wallet in the UK.

How do I find the address of my encrypted wallet?

In most cases, you can click the Receive button from within your chosen Bitcoin wallet. When you do this, it will display the address of your encrypted wallet.

Is there a free bitcoin wallet in the uk?

Yes, the eToro Money Crypto wallet can be downloaded for free.

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