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What To Expect For Bitcoin, NFTs, Blockchain, And Crypto At CES 2022

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Starting tomorrow in Las Vegas, Nevada, the annual Consumer Electronics Show. At the forward-looking future technology conference, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, blockchain and of course Bitcoin will be shown in some capacity. Here’s what you can expect regarding cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and blockchains released from CES 2022.

What is Consumer Electronic Expo 2022?

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is a place where the likes of technology giants Sony, Samsung and more showcase their latest gadgets, equipment, and proofs for future goals.

The Bitcoin banner pictured above the article was taken at the Consumer Electronics Show about seven years ago and is priced at about $279 per coin. The cryptocurrency has grown over 25,000% since the photo was taken – an example of how forward-looking the annual conference can be.

Bitcoin has grown by 25,000% since the photo above was taken | Source: BTCUSD on

Since then, cryptography and blockchain have been a regular event at the show, albeit not the main event attracting media from all over the world. This year, only three major exhibitors are listed under Cryptocurrency and NFTs according to the official website, which include Atomic Form, Blockparty, and FTX. However, other brands are likely to be involved with smaller booths.

Atomic Form is a technology startup that allows NFT owners to “assemble and display” NFTs, “from wallet to wall.” Blockparty is a next generation e-commerce platform built for NFTs, complete with branded marketplaces dedicated to NFT creators or companies.

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FTX is widely known as a major cryptocurrency exchange first and foremost, which provides a full range of crypto and NFT related products and services,

Bitcoin, Blockchain, NFT, and “Decryption”

There is also a panel discussion called “Decrypting Crypto” which will feature many well-known guest speakers from across the crypto industry. Guests include Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Ventures, Celsius Network’s Chief Growth Officer Tushar Nadkarni, Blockchain Association CEO Kristen Smith, and Clara Tsao, Founding Director of the Filecoin Foundation.

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Topics discussed during the session will include stablecoins, how companies should approach accepting crypto payments, how major banks are integrating the digital currencies themselves, and much more.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, NFTs, and more, CES 2022 will also feature exhibitors from categories such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, self-driving cars, 3D printing, and more.

The event will run from January 5-7. An online digital conference is also being held in conjunction with a live conference in Las Vegas.

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