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WTF Is An NFT? Let’s Talk About Bored Ape and HUH Token

WTF Is An NFT? Let’s Talk About Bored Ape and HUH Token
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by Analytics Insight
January 12 2022

HUH Token and Bored Ape offer NFT offerings and with it, they have become by far the most popular altcoins

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, which is revolutionizing the way the larger world views cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In fact, the NFT boom has become so widely used that the use of the technology is seeping into industries that previously shunned the field of cryptography… like art, for example.

Currently, NFT can be used for a whole range of uses, which is why it is a good idea to take a look at two of the leading cryptocurrencies in the NFT movement and identify why you might want to get involved in such cryptocurrencies.

HUH Tokenand Bored Ape NFTs are introduced and with them, they have pretty much become some of the most popular altcoins in the cryptocurrency market today.

In fact, you can and will be able to see celebrities, VIPs, and influencers all embracing the HUH icon and the bored monkey…

First though, let’s talk about NFTs in terms of HUH and Bored Ape, after all, that’s what it’s currently about.

Boredom Monkey, NFT

Bored Ape Yacht Club is the cream of the crop, and it’s no wonder the likes of Post Malone and Jimmy Fallon are BAYC owners.

Bored Ape isn’t just a bunch of NFTs for anyone, in fact, the current subscription price is around 50 (swamp) Ether, which means you’ll have to spend a whopping $200,000 to get your access badge into the world of NFTs depicting many apes that feature some Unconventional visual features.

But the streetwear allure of NFTs ‘Bored Ape’ isn’t the only reason thousands of investors are drawn to the stunning photos of the school’s super cute monkeys. The Bored App appears to be growing and expanding to allow 0.08 ether to be purchased from NFTs.

NFT, by its nature, is a unique, non-exchangeable token that is stored on the blockchain (digital ledger)… Amazingly NFTs can appear like images and sound and with it provide the owner with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This is what sets NFT-capable cryptocurrencies like Bored Ape and HUH Token apart from Bitcoin and other non-NFT cryptocurrencies.

If you become a member of Monkey Boredom, you can be sure that your monkey will be as unique as you, with over 170 potential characteristics, there is nothing to stop your creativity.

It is easy to see why Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the most sought after NFTs in the cryptocurrency market.

It’s hard to resist the cold…

WTF, huh?

NFTs seem to be one of the most secure ways to exchange value and cryptocurrency in the crypto space, in fact, they seem to be gaining huge traction and favor among new and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

The HUH Token will take leaps and bounds in the NFT and get ahead of its current state when it releases the MetHUH time token. There, NFTs could take the form of emojis and create an easier and simpler exchange of money and property than other cryptocurrency exchanges, probably.

This type of technology (NFTs) is being harnessed in many other industries, such as film, games, arts, music, and some R-rated forms of expression.

HUH Token With the upcoming launch of the influencer (January 19) he will see the value of images and the like, become valuable like never before… HUH Token understands that content is money, and with it, the ability to push cryptocurrency into the stratosphere!

Not only that but on January 31st, HUH Token will drop NFT for pre-sale holder!

If you are interested in becoming an NFT owner yourself, you can learn more about HUH Token from the links below, or simply search for Bored Ape in your favorite search engine.

Remember that it is always a good idea to do your research before buying cryptocurrencies, even NFTs.

HUH’s official exchange:


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